XL Lubricant Launcher - CleanStream Blue

XL Lubricant Launcher - CleanStream Blue

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Bigger and better lube launching action to get you ready for sex after you've cleaned up!

Bigger and better lube launching action to get you ready for sex after you've cleaned up!

CleanStream knows that enemas remove your natural lubrication, so adding the CleanStream XL Lubricant Launcher to your routine just makes sense. After you're all squeaky clean inside, a good dose of lube can fix that squeaking problem. We highly recommend a quick dose of lube after any anal douching to insure smooth enjoyable action.

The XL Lubricant Launcher is bigger and better than any other lube applicator. It still has the comfortable rounded tip and easy action plunger ring that makes the original Lubricant Launcher such a joy to use, but it holds almost 2.5 times as much lube and the new finger holes on the tube make one handed application even easier. Now you can load and deliver almost a half ounce of lube comfortably and easily with just one hand. You'll wonder why you ever bothered doing it any other way.

Even if you don't need the extra capacity, the greater capacity means you don't need to pull it back as far to get a full load. We're also not kidding about how convenient those finger rings make it. This is the new king of lubricant applicators.

We know you've got alternatives. You could squirt lube on the outside of your ass and try to push it in, almost guaranteeing a whole lot of lube dripping all over while you still might be a little dry inside. You could use medical syringe type product with a hard edged pokey tip and a flat plunger that requires two hands to load. You could apply a lot of lube to the condom and watch as your tight ass squeegees it off and it drips on your comforter. Really, why would you put yourself through all that when you could be loading one-handed and comfortably lube launching like a boss!

XL Lubricant Launcher - CleanStream Blue Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: Approx. 5" insertable length
  • Material: plastic
  • Hefty 5" insertable shaft goes in deep
  • Simple one-handed design for ease of use
  • Sealing cap to avoid spills
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