The Milker Extreme 16X Automatic Sucking, Squeezing, and Vibrating Masturbator

The Milker Extreme 16X Automatic Sucking, Squeezing, and Vibrating Masturbator

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Squeeze, Suck and Vibe Your Cock

Squeeze, Suck and Vibe Your Cock

Key Features:
  • Sucking and Squeezing: Experience powerful suction and squeezing modes that massage your throbbing cock! There are 3 intense sucking modes by pressing the Cloud button or 3 squeezing modes by pressing the Squeeze button. Combine sucking and squeezing by pressing the Squeeze2 button at the top.
  • Powerful Vibration: Powerful vibrations rumble through your shaft from the bullet vibrator that’s located inside the toy at the base of the sleeve. It’s tucked away in a pocket in the sleeve so it doesn’t get any cum on it but you can still feel it. Press the Manual button on the side of the case to activate 10 modes of vibration while you enjoy suction and squeezing combined!
  • Removable Textured Sleeve and Dust Cap: The interior sleeve is completely removable so you can take it out and thoroughly wash your toy. Use warm water and soap on the sleeve and wipe down the exterior case. When not in use, use the cap to keep any dust or debris out of the sleeve and hole.
  • Rechargeable: Use the USB cable provided and connect the magnetic end to the case to recharge. Charge for no more than 2 hours to ensure a long battery life.

  • This powerful sucking, vibrating and squeezing milking machine is about to be your next favorite toy! The strong, protective case is made of ABS plastic and is shaped for easy gripping while you stroke. The top of the toy has a removable cap on it to keep your secret love-hole free of dust and debris. Once you open the cap, you can feel the soft, stretchy, ribbed and textured TPE sleeve that fits inside. At the very base of this sleeve is a small but mighty bullet vibrator. Use the buttons on the side to change settings as you explore 10 vibration modes, and 3 squeezing and sucking modes. You can enjoy the squeezing and sucking separately or paired together for different sensations. The stretchy, soft sleeve is made of TPE; use only with water-based lubricant. The textured sleeve can be removed for thorough cleaning. Gently pull it out; the bullet vibrator is connected via a wire to the case and tucked into a pocket in the sleeve, so pull that out of the sleeve as well. Wash the sleeve with warm water and mild soap, then spray with a toy cleaner and let it fully dry. When dry, slip the bullet vibe back in the pocket, then tuck the sleeve back into the case. To recharge, use the USB cable provided.

    Use plenty of lube on your cock and squirt some into the textured hole. Slip your dick inside and turn on the vibrations. As you explore the depth of the toy, turn on the squeezing and suction modes. Maybe you enjoy full suction, or switch it up and just do the squeeze mode for a nice dick massage! As you get that dick nice and hard, enjoy leaning back and letting the toy do the job for you as you let it milk you, edge you and eventually make you blow your load!

    Ultra Realistic Milker Masturbator Pro Specs:

    Measurements: Case length: 10.8 inches, width: 3.6 inches. Insertion length: 5.5 inches.

    Materials: TPE, ABS plastic, silicone

    Color: Black, blue, white

    Note: Use only water-based lubricants.

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