Stung Silicone Tawse

Stung Silicone Tawse

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Scottish Style Corporal Punishment

Scottish Style Corporal Punishment

Key Features:
  • Split Ends: The "tawse" was a popular tool for punishment in Scottish schools and in corporal punishment. By splitting the ends, it adds a little extra bite to it as two separate straps land across your partner's backside.
  • Long Straps: The longer straps allow for long, broad strokes along the bottom, back or thighs. Be careful if they whip around to the front!
  • Grippy, Reinforced Handle: The thick, grippy handle has subtle textured lines that help you hold on even when it's been exposed to lubricants. The round ball at the end has a hole through it so you can thread a rope or string through it to hang it up. Enjoy using this as a heavy impact play tool or even a dildo! It has been reinforced with a metal rod in the handle for extra durability.
  • Premium Silicone: The silicone can be both thuddy (due to the weight) and stingy when made into a strap or tawse. It also allows it to be easily cleaned if you use it in messy play that results in exposure to bodily fluids!

  • Punish your submissive boi with Scottish style corporal punishment used in disciplinarian schools for ages! The 'tawse' is a belt like strap with split ends that delivers a nice, sharp bite of stinging pain with each hit! Made of premium silicone, it has a bit more weight and can be thuddier than a leather tawse. It can also handle all kinds of bodily fluids and liquids due to being made of phthalate-free, silky smooth, durable silicone! It shouldn't be used with silicone lube, so use water-based or oil-based instead. The handle is texture for a more secure grip but can also be used as a dildo! The firm handle is reinforced with a metal rod so the handle itself can be used as a wicked, impact tool as well. There's a hole at the top of the handle so the toy may be hung up. Enjoy using this toy for long, broad strokes across the ass, back or thighs! The silicone tawse can be exposed to all kinds of bodily fluids and still be cleaned easily. After play, wash with warm water and mild soap, then spray with a toy cleaner and wipe dry.

    Warm up your partner with playful slaps, spankings and a good impactful warmup. After they've consented to using the tawse, give them a few whacks on their backside across their buttocks or thighs. Slowly warm up to harder with more frequent blows and enjoy touching them and feeling the heat rise where you hit them. Give them their due punishment with this tool; give them a test you know they will fail and make them —your pupil— come to you —the teacher— for an attitude adjustment! Mix it up and use the handle end on their bottom, back or feet! Want to get devious? Use the handle as a dildo and fuck them with it! Alternate pleasure and pain until they feel both simultaneously and enjoy how messy and wet you can get without ruining the silicone tawse!

    Stung Silicone Tawse Specs:

    Measurements: Overall length: 15 inches. Paddle width: 1.75 inches.

    Materials: Silicone, metal

    Color: Black, Red

    Note: Do not use with silicone lubricants and store separately from silicone toys.

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