Stainless Steel Spiked Chastity Cage

Stainless Steel Spiked Chastity Cage

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The Cruel Cage to Correct When Erect

The Cruel Cage to Correct When Erect

Key Features:
  • Stainless Steel Cock Cage: This cage is made with strong, durable steel so it makes a fortified prison for your cock. Non-porous, easy to clean and built to last.
  • Spiked Rings: Each ring has 4 spikes that are evenly spaced so that you get a little bite of pain every time you begin to get erect!
  • Handcuff Style Base: At the base of the cage is a circular ring with a hinge, similar to a handcuff, that locks you in place. A flanged pin slips through the slats once you’ve cinched it to a snug fit and the lock slips through the pinhole to keep it in place.
  • Built for Long-Term Wear: The design allows you to wear it for long periods of time, as long as you’re comfortable in it. The cage has an open design so you can easily shower or urinate with it on.
  • Lock and Keys Included: Comes with one lock and two keys.

  • Cage your lover’s cock in a prison of steel. The Spiked Chastity Cage has room enough for 4 inches of flaccid cock and, if they start to get an erection, the evenly spaced spikes on the interior of each ring will quickly correct any unwarranted excitement! Keep them locked in with the handcuff style locking system at the base. The hinged, circular ring at the base can be cinched snug around the cock and then a flat pin slips into the slats to secure it. Lock it in place with the lock and key provided. A spare key is also included for emergencies and as a back-up!

    Feel free to wear this cage as long as you can handle it! It has an open design so it’s easy to wear in the shower and clean yourself, and you can urinate with it on, as well. The heavy, metal cage will be a constant reminder of your imprisonment; don’t be surprised if your thoughts drift towards the Keyholder who placed you in this cage, dreaming up ways of pleasing them in order to gain your freedom once again!

    Spiked Chastity Cage Specs:

    Measurements: Scrotum ring adjusts from 1.6-2.2 inches Internal length: approximately 4 inches External length: approximately 4.125 inches internal diameter: 1.1 inches, measured from spike tips

    Materials: Steel

    Color: Metal

    Note: Device not recommended for beginners. Do not lose the key and keep the spare key available for emergencies.

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