Slim Tapered Anal Hose Training Set

Slim Tapered Anal Hose Training Set

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Crafted For Deep, Orgasmic Thrills

Crafted For Deep, Orgasmic Thrills

Key Features:
  • Fill Your Greedy Hole: These long, phthalate-free anal hoses snake deep into your backdoor for maximum fill.
  • Practice For Fisting: Want to try fisting but just aren’t ready? Three hoses come in different lengths so you can test your endurance and see how deep down your hole you can get.
  • Tapered and Flexible: Lube up and slide these smooth, tapered hoses into your dark hole. The delicious feeling of these soft ends slipping into your anus will keep you on the edge.

  • Each of the three hoses has a different length. Starting with a smaller end, it tapers to get larger and wider until your ass hits the flared base. The phthalate-free PVC is smooth and flexible for maximum comfort as it winds its way through your insides.

    Mount the strong suction-cup base to a wall or table to free up your hands. Using plenty of silicone, water or hybrid lube, insert into the anaus slowly and glide it in, adding more lube as you go. The suction-cup base makes sure this snakelike toy doesn’t slip away, so you can lay back and focus on getting yourself deep into the experience. Test your limits with all three sizes and use it to train yourself for deep anal or fisting!

    Slim Tapered Anal Hose Trainer Set Specs:

    Small Measurements: Overall length 13.5 inches, insertable length 12.5 inches, maximum insertable diameter 1.4 inches, narrowest diameter 0.4 inches

    Medium Measurements: Overall length 16.75 inches, insertable length 15.5 inches, maximum insertable diameter 1.75 inches, narrowest diameter 0.5 inches

    Large Measurements: Overall length 19.5 inches, insertable length 18 inches, maximum insertable diameter 1.9 inches, narrowest diameter 0.6 inches

    Materials: Non-phthalate PVC

    Color: Black

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