Silicone Gates of Hell Chastity Device

Silicone Gates of Hell Chastity Device

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A Comfortable Cock Ring and Cage All in One

A Comfortable Cock Ring and Cage All in One

Key Features:
  • Graduated Constriction Rings: There are 6 graduated constriction rings that hug the shaft of the cock and the base. They act both as a stretchy cage as well as a cock ring for a mixture of pleasure and torment! They keep you hard but you won't be able to do much to escape your cage the harder you get!
  • Fits Over the Cock and Balls: The largest ring fits over the shaft and balls so you can enjoy pressure against the base of the shaft and a gentle tug on the balls.
  • Premium Silicone: This premium silicone is soft, stretchy and durable for long-term wear.
  • Hygienic: Use warm water and mild soap then rinse and spray with a toy cleaner. Let air dry before placing it in a cool, dark place.

  • Get into chastity with flexibility with this premium silicone cage! The 6 graduated rings hug your cock tight and the largest one at the base fits around the cock and balls to double as a cock ring! As you get hard, your dick will feel the tight squeeze of each ring. Wear this to show off your cock or to please your Sir or Daddy by keeping you from fucking or being fucked. After each use, you can easily rinse off this cage and use warm water and mild soap to clean it. Use a toy cleaner to fully clean between uses and pat dry.

    Take your semi-firm cock and lubricate it well with water-based lubricant then use some on the inner rings of the cage. Starting with the largest ring, begin to slide it down the shaft until all the rings are on. Take the biggest ring at the base and push one testicle at a time through it until both balls are through and the largest ring sits at the base wrapped around the shaft and testicles. Adjust for a snug and comfortable fit and enjoy the look of your swollen, imprisoned cock! Recommended wearing time is approximately 30 minutes if the rings are constrictive and tight against the shaft.

    Silicone Gates of Hell Chastity Device Specs:

    Measurements: Overall length 4.6 inches, Inner diameter smallest ring 0.9 inches, Inner diameter largest ring 1.5 inches

    Materials: Silicone, PU leather, metal

    Color: Blue, black

    Note: Use only water-based lubricants with silicone for best results.

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