Scrotum Egg Shells with Spikes

Scrotum Egg Shells with Spikes

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The CBT Trap of Spikes and Steel

The CBT Trap of Spikes and Steel

Key Features:
  • Spiky CBT Egg: These metal eggs have several spiked screws that add sinister pressure to your balls! They can be turned using the allen wrenches provided to tighten and increase the pressure on the testicles. After the metal egg closes around the testes with the scrotum pulled through the horizontal space along the side of each egg, tighten each spike individually for equal pressure against the testicles.
  • Metal Bar for Weights: The metal bar keeps the eggs together so you can pull at it and pull at the scrotum and testicles evenly. Add a weight to the center O-ring to add a ball-stretching pull to the testicles, as well!
  • Lock and Key: Lock them in place using the 2 locks and keys provided! The metal eggs have a hinged screw that can be folded between the two curved bars, then screwed tight. This will reveal a small hole in the pin of the hinge screws where you can place a lock. Use the lock and key to lock the eggs into place!

  • Made of stainless steel, these are industry level cock and ball torture (CBT) devices! The hard, cold steel eggs open to reveal spiked screws that can be tightened on your testicles until either you yelp out in pain or your Dom decides you’ve had enough. Each screw can be slowly turned to tighten. There’s a lateral hole along the side of each egg for your scrotum to fit inside as your testes are weighted down by the steel eggs. They close using a hinged screw that has a nut that, once tightened, reveals a small hole in the pin of the screw. Use one of the 2 locks and insert into each pinhole and lock the egg around your balls! The small, metal bar that connects the two eggs has a small O-ring where a weight can be attached to add ball stretching and extra pressure and pain! To clean, use a toy cleaner or submerge the entire toy in a cleaning solution of your choice.

    The moment your Dom brought out these spiked eggs, your heart rate increased. As they opened them up, displaying the spiked nails in each of the eggs, you felt faint and yet, despite yourself, your cock began to twitch in excitement. Just the sight of the shiny, hard steel made you want to submit to them. Now, with their hand cupped around your balls, you try to behave and not let your cock get too excited. It’s difficult. The rush is too much and you notice a drop of pre-cum forming at the tip of your dick. You feel the first egg begin to press against your left testicle, the nail points getting your attention first. Your Dom closes the egg around your testicle, leaving just the scrotum to be pulled through the small opening in the egg. They latch it closed and you feel a rush as you hear the click of a lock being put into place. The same happens on the right testicle, and you adjust to the weight of the eggs pulling your balls down. Slowly they begin to turn one nail, then the next, watching your expression and your body as it twitches and writhes. The intensity is almost too much, but you don’t want them to stop. You’re at their mercy, your cock and balls are theirs.

    Scrotum CBT Egg Shells with Spikes Specs:

    Measurements: Egg width: 1.65 inches, length: 2.4 inches, Pin Spikes max length: 0.8 inches, Spacer for scrotum: 0.36 inches.

    Materials: Stainless steel

    Color: Metal

    Note: This device is intended for experienced users only. Please use with caution. Do not lose the keys after locking the device or you will need to visit an emergency room for assistance with removal.

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