Premium Silicone Weighted Prostate Plug

Premium Silicone Weighted Prostate Plug

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Heavy-Weighted Prostate Plug

Heavy-Weighted Prostate Plug

Key Features:
  • Heavy Metal Double Bulbs: This plug has two round bulbs for your ass to enjoy. Inside each bulb is a metal weight that adds more gravity to the plug, pulling downward whil inside you.
  • Curved P-Spot Pressure: The end is curved so it puts pressure on the prostate for added orgasmic pleasure.
  • Smooth Silicone: The body-safe, velvety silicone is soft and smooth upon entry making this a deliciously delightful toy to enjoy.
  • Slim & Tapered: The end is tapered for easy entry and the base has a slim neck so, once inside, it fits snug and comfortable within you.

  • This body-safe silicone anal plug has two weighted bulbs and a curved end for an enjoyable backdoor fill with prostate pressure for your pleasure. The tapered end makes it easy to insert and the slim neck gives it a secure and snug fit once inside.

    Use hybrid, oil or water based lube and get the toy and your ass thoroughly slick. Slowly insert one bulb at a time until fully inserted. Move around and enjoy the feeling of pressure against your prostate as the weighted bulbs pull against your ass.

    HH Comfort Plugs 7.4" Silicone Anal Plug Specs:

    Small Measurements: Overall length: 5.4 inches, Bulb length: 3.6 inches, Neck length: 1.2 inches, Total insertable: 4.8 inches, Bulb diameter: 1.3 inches, Base length: 3.6 inches

    Medium Measurements: Overall length: 6.4 inches, Bulb length: 4.3 inches, Neck length: 1.3 inches, Total insertable: 5.6 inches, Bulb diameter: 1.5 inches, Base length: 4.3 inches

    Large Measurements: Overall length 7.4 inches, bulb length 5.2 inches, neck length 1.5 inches, total insertable length 6.7 inches, bulb diameter 1.8 inches, base length 4.3 inches

    XL Measurements: Overall length 8.2 inches, bulb length 5.9 inches, neck length 1.7 inches, total insertable length 7.6 inches, bulb diameter 2.1 inches, base length 4.3 inches

    Note: 12 ounce weight

    Materials: Silicone, metal

    Color: Black

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