Premium Silicone Weighted Anal Plug

Premium Silicone Weighted Anal Plug

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A Heavy Hitting Anal Plug

A Heavy Hitting Anal Plug

Key Features:
  • Round Bulb Plug: Find the perfect size for your hungry hole with this round plug! See if you can slip the large, round bulb into your ass and enjoy a firm, full feeling inside!
  • Weighted with Metal: Unlike other toys, this plug is weighted with a metal core so you have to work your sphincter muscles to hold it in. Train your bum and enjoy the extra pressure against your perineum as you move around and experiment!
  • Premium Silicone: Play worry free with premium, phthalate-free silicone. The plush, silky smooth and flexible material is perfect for anal exploration and enjoyment! Use only with water-based lubricants.
  • Slim Neck and Base: Make more space for your buttcheeks with a slim neck and base! The small neck makes it safe to insert without worry and the slim base makes it possible to sit on your bottom while the plug is inside so wearing it is more comfortable!

  • Take a heavy hitter inside your ass with these Heavy Hitter Comfort Plugs! Choose the size you'd like to try and stretch your hole with the round, smooth plug. Without the tapered tip, you get to experience the challenge of opening up to the wide circumference of this round plug! Coated with phthalate-free, premium silicone, it is slick, super silky and body-safe to use with water-based lubricants. Enjoy the feel of a weighted, metal core that pulls down against you with a little help of gravity depending on which position you're in! The plug has a slim neck and a thin, wide base so you can comfortably wear it for hours. After use, wash the toy with warm water and mild soap, then spray with a toy cleaner and wipe dry. Store separately from other silicone toys.

    Use plenty of lube inside your ass and on the toy. Start to press the center of the round plug against your asshole and be patient as your sphincter opens and expands. Once inside, let yourself breathe as the toy settles into place. Enjoy the simple pressure and feeling of fullness or add to the experience and enhance it with other toys! Try out touching and stroking yourself while it's inside, slowing down your breathing and sending your breath deep into your abdomen and belly. Push your ass against your partner or writhe while sitting and add pressure to the plug as you grind against it. To truly challenge yourself, try doing activities that require you to be in different positions like a yoga downward dog, jumping jacks or squats. Can you keep the plug inside with the weighted core pulling against your opening? Play with yourself and notice how much more sensitive your body is now that you're filled up with this delicious and delightful plug! Train yourself to take bigger sizes and get ready for your partner or larger dildos in the future by wearing the plug longer and sizing up!

    Comfort Plugs Premium Silicone 4.4" Weighted Round Plug Specs:

    Measurements - Small: Overall: 3.3 inches. Bulb length: 1.4 inches. Neck length: 1.5 inches. Total insertable: 2.9 inches. Bulb diameter: 1.4 inches. Base length: 3.6 inches.

    Measurements - Medium: Overall: 3.9 inches. Bulb length: 1.7 inches. Neck length: 1.7 inches. Total insertable: 3.4 inches. Bulb diameter: 1.7 inches. Base length: 4.3 inches.

    Measurements - Large: Overall: 4.3 inches. Bulb length: 1.9 inches. Neck length: 1.9 inches. Total insertable: 3.8 inches. Bulb diameter: 1.9 inches. Base length: 4.3 inches.

    Measurements - Extra Large: Overall: 4.7 inches. Bulb length 2.2 inches. Neck length: 2 inches. Total insertable: 4.2 inches. Bulb diameter: 2.2 inches. Base length: 4.3 inches. Materials: Silicone, metal

    Color: Black

    Note: Use only with water-based lubricants. Wearing it while going through some x-ray machines may send off an alarm.

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