Lockdown Customizable Chastity Cage

Lockdown Customizable Chastity Cage

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A Little Cage for Your Naughty Cock

A Little Cage for Your Naughty Cock

Key Features:
  • Dual Locking System: Lock your flaccid cock away with this secure locking system. Includes two keys to lock the dual locking system that locks at the bottom and top of the device for maximum imprisonment.
  • Customize For Your Size: Kit includes 4 graduated rings so you can add a little space for your cock, but not enough to get hard!
  • Lightweight and Breathable: The breathable, lightweight material makes this easy to wear for long term chastity, contributes to better hygiene and makes cleaning and showering with it easy.
  • Two Different Caps: The kit includes a solid cap and a cum-thru tip so you can choose whether to have a cap that allows for long-term wear that allows you to urinate or one without that option for short-term wear.

  • This small, ABS plastic cage is perfect for little, naughty cocks that need to be locked away. There are 4 graduated rings so you can adjust for the right size, but this is definitely a cage meant for short, flaccid penises. Keep them from growing bigger by locking them up with this dual locking system; there’s one key that locks both the base and the tip of the cage, so you can’t wriggle free no matter how hard you try! Designed to be breathable and lightweight, it also has the option of two different caps. One is closed, for short-term scenes. The other has a Cum-Thru tip so you can urinate with it on and is better suited for long-term chastity. This is the perfect cage to wear on trips as it won’t set off the alarm at the airport and is easy to shower with it on and sleep in at night.

    Use some water-based lube to help get this cage on. If your Keyholder is in person with you, have them slide it on as you force yourself to keep calm and not get an erection. As they click the locks into place, feel how the restriction keeps you in check. How quickly does your mind start racing to find out how to get free? Or maybe you’re enjoying giving up control? You see the key around their neck now; the subtle symbol of the power they have over your desire, your fantasies, your ultimate release.

    Double Lockdown Locking Customizable Chastity Cage - Specs:

    Measurements: Cage is approx. 3.5 inches long x 1.6 inches wide x 1.4 inches high Ring inner diameters: 1.7 inches, 1.9 inches, 2 inches, 2.25 inches

    Materials: ABS plastic, metal

    Color: Black, Clear

    Note: Kit includes locks and keys.

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