Interchangeable Add-On Fox Tail

Interchangeable Add-On Fox Tail

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Cute, Colorful, Interchangeable Fox Tails

Cute, Colorful, Interchangeable Fox Tails

Note: These interchangeable tails work with the following plugs:

Key Features:

  • Interchangeable Snap-On Design: Compatible with Tailz Snap-On Butt Plugs, the exchangeable design of these fox tails make it simple to change out a tail for another color and ease of cleaning.
  • Faux Fur: Made with vegan-friendly materials so you can indulge in primal play with a free conscience! These fox tails are super soft and begging to be played with.
  • Long and Flexible: Twirl and swoosh your new tail as you play and enjoy the softness caress your body; Combine your chosen color with a compatible outfit for a visually stunning anal session!
  • Predator or Prey?: Play the hunting fox, or the submissive playful prey! Unleash the foxy animal within and indulge in the wild side of the bedroom

  • Enjoy some versatile primal play with these Snap-On Fox Tailz! Compatible with the exciting Tailz Snap-On Butt Plugs, these colorful fox tails make it easy to change colors to match your mood, outfit, or playstyle. Unleash the fox within and play the predator or prey in your bedroom - choose from Black, White, or a colorful rainbow! Easily snap off these fox tails after use and give them a wipe down in preparation for the next scene.

    Made with vegan friendly faux fur for a worry free animal roleplay experience. The long length and soft material makes it a joy to swing your tail and show off to your man! Tease your partner while you warm up your backdoor for the main event, while satisfying your craving for an exciting, primal night in.

    Spot clean this fox tail after use with a damp cloth and blow dry on cool setting as needed.

    Snap-On Fox Tailz Specs:

    Measurements: Tail length 16.5 inches, width 3.5 inches

    Materials: Polyester, ABS Plastic

    Color: Black, White, Rainbow, Black/White

    Note: Tailz Snap-On Butt plug sold separately

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