E-stim Remote System

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E-stim Remote System

Make Them Your Ultimate Plaything with Settings to Make them Jump!

Make Them Your Ultimate Plaything with Settings to Make them Jump!

Key Features:
  • Includes 10 Modes and 27 Levels!: This kit bring with it tons of options! Enjoy 10 different modes including Motion (High and Low) and Audio (High and Low), as well as Fire, Flo, Pulse, Train, Torment and Teese! Play with the settings to get up to 27 different levels that allow you to increase output enough to be effective, but includes over range indicators so you can keep safe and in control. The new Dynamic waveforms ensure higher levels feel even more intense than with previous models!
  • Motion and Sound Sensors: The new design includes motion and audio settings. The motion sensor is triggered whenever the control box is picked up or moved, and the audio setting can be used on a low or high sensitivity and will pick up even a casual conversation and convert that into tantalizing thrills for the receiver of the electric output!
  • Training Mode: This kit has updated their training mode so it now includes 4 levels of power including 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% intensity!
  • Learning Mode (Can We Say Mulit-Player?): Play with multiple keyfobs or power units! Use one keyfob with multiple power units so you can add a variety of electrode and e-stim devices, or give control to multiple keyfobs and use just one power unit!
  • Powerful Batteries That Last: Our batteries last longer with a new microprocessor controlled voltage generator. It includes a digitally generated pulse system that ensures power is going where it will be most effective.
  • Heavy Duty Compatibility: The remote has a standard, heavy duty 3.5mm output socket and is designed to be paired with any and all of our E-Stim brand electrodes, even the heavy duty ones.
  • Hideable Handheld Keyfob Remote: This keyfob remote is so small it can easily be hidden in the palm of your hand. It controls the device from up to 109 yards (100 meters) away. The control box has a clip on it that can hook onto your belt loop. The control box still shows which modes and settings are active. However, the lights can be turned off so you can wear it discreetly while using the keyfob remote to change settings on the device without anyone seeing!

  • This system has more options that ever! With this setup, you can free up your body and theirs by playing with the 109 yards (100 meters) distance and still be able to zap your sub into good behavior! The control box is easily hooked onto your hip via the belt-loop clip so you only have to handle the discreet keyfob that hides easily in the palm of your hand. The unit includes 10 different modes, two of which have high and low levels. Try out the Motion and Audio levels on high or low settings, or play with Fire, Flo, Teese, Pulse, Train and Torment! When you use the Audio level, even a casual conversation can be picked up by the unit and translated into electrical stimulation. The Motion sensor is activated simply by picking the unit up, so if you walk around, your submissive will feel every step! The Training mode adds an extra 4 levels of intense power boosts with 25%, 50%, 75% and the ultimate 100% that is sure to make them scream out loud! Get even more creative with Learning Mode, which lets you either connect multiple units to one keyfob -one to rule them all!- or multiple keyfobs to one unit -have fun with multiple Masters literally pushing your submissive’s buttons! Finally, the long-lasting, powerful batteries are an upgrade to previous versions and not only last longer, but use energy more efficiently so power is going where it will be most effective! This kit has a 3.5mm output socket, so it’s compatible with any of our E-stim brand electrodes.

    It’s time to get excited, because this system will blow your mind! With a lifetime guarantee, you’re going to enjoy taking your time to test out all the fantastic settings! After checking that the equipment is safely set up and there are no puddles or water that could be in contact with the equipment, choose what sadistic implement you’re going to attach or use on your partner. Use conductive gel for insertables or enjoy placing adhesive TENS pads on their sensitive areas! With the keyfob in the palm of your hand and the unit hooked to your belt loop, begin to play on lower settings, exploring and watching how they respond. Filter through each setting, but take extra care to watch how they respond to you moving with the Motion setting. Every step and every movement causes them delightful electric currents! Switch to Audio and use your voice and words to trigger the reaction, or queue up your favorite song and play them it so they can really feel the music! After you’ve got them warmed up, up the levels and see how devious you can push it as they tense, their muscles squeezing in orgasmic pleasure, and listen to their yelps and moans! If they can take it, add another unit and control them both with the keyfob!

    Add another element to the scene and bring in a friend to play! Give them a spare keyfob and see if you can both play your seductive bottom together, orchestrating orgasmic pleasure and pain like they’ve never known before! This time, you can walk away and see how well they do when you’re at a distance. Or give them a task to do, and when they mess up you’ve got a quick way to correct them! See how many creative games you can come up with; the only limit is your imagination!

    E-stim Remote System Specs:

    Measurements: Power Unit : 4.4 inches x 2.6 inches x 1.6 inches (112mm x 65mm x 41mm), Keyfob : 1.3 inches x 2.3 inches x 0.3 inches (33mm x 59mm x 8mm)

    Weight: Plastic Power Unit : 146g, Keyfob : 17g

    Supplied Accessories: Key fob Transmitter with battery, PP3 Battery, 3.5mm to 2mm/TENS output cable, 4 Self Adhesive Electrode Pads, Protective Carry Case and a Quick User guide.

    Output Waveform: BiPhasic current limited pulsed AC with Dynamic waveforms

    Channels/Outputs: Radio Controlled Single Channel, via 3.5mm mono socket

    Controls: Power Unit: Power On/Off, Learn Select. Key Fob: Up, Down, Adjust and Fire

    Operating Modes: 10, Fire, Continuous, Pulse, Motion and Training with 27 output levels and 7 levels of adjustment in each mode.

    Display: High Brightness LED's indicating Power On, Output and Receiver Activity as well as the new Status bar

    Radio Specification: Keyloc Digitally encoded 433Mhz

    Materials: Plastic, wire, metal and assorted materials

    Color: Black

    Note: Lifetime Guarantee included! All products are made in the UK. For your safety, please play below the waist! Use of e-stim above the hips and near the heart or chest can cause serious medical issues or heart failure.

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