Dark Pecker Dick Drip Candle

Dark Pecker Dick Drip Candle

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Colorful Dripping Cock Candles

Colorful Dripping Cock Candles

Key Features:
  • Penis Shaped Paraffin Wax: Lovers of cock will love these nifty phallic shaped, paraffin wax candles; perfect for setting a playful mood, wax dripping, and temperature play
  • Moisturizing Formula: The wax formula moisturizes the skin after use, a nice little bonus to your wax dripping play
  • No Scent: Scentless for those who want to play without any overbearing scents invading their scene
  • Low Melting Point: Melts at temperatures between 136-140 degrees farenheit, this coupled with an appropriate drip distance of 2 feet makes these candles accessible to most players

  • Light these cock candles and set a playful atmosphere within your scene! These nifty peckers are perfect for wax dripping thanks to their low melting point paraffin wax and scentless formula. Choose a black, purple, rainbow, or red pecker to suit your aesthetic and get dripping.

    Set the lights low and get your other naughty delights ready, these cock shaped dripping candles are the perfect addition to your collection. Be sure to exercise best practices with these candles to prevent discomfort for you and your lover: drip from over 2 feet, avoid the face and neck, and spread pools of wax over your man's body to ensure proper cooling.

    MS Dildo Candle Specs:

    Measurements: Overall length: 7.3 inches. Overall width: 3.4 inches.

    Materials: Paraffin wax

    Color: Black, Purple, Rainbow, Red

    Note: Melting temperature is between 136-140˚ F (58-60˚ C)

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