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Titanica Steel Balls
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Titanica Steel Balls
Titanica Steel Balls Titanica Steel Balls

Get big balls of steel!

These big steel balls are around two inches wide and weigh well over half a pound each. There's something satisfying about the heft of solid steel. That said, they're not a beginner toy. There's no retrieval string. So don't insert them if you don't have an idea as to how you're going to get them out again.

Titanica Steel Balls Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: Each ball measures 2 inches in diameter
  • Material: Carbon steel
  • Color: Grey

  • Disclaimer: Carbon steel has been shown to trigger sensitivities in some individuals and is not designed for extended or long-term wear. For these reasons, we recommend using these items inside a condom.


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    By james ireland.
    these are big , but i went and got poolballs ,that are bigger , had 4 in at one time , looking to go to the whole 10 one of these days
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