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The Spiral Nipple Extender with Barbell
$22.95 $18.95
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The Spiral Nipple Extender with Barbell
The Spiral Nipple Extender with Barbell The Spiral Nipple Extender with Barbell

Take nipple stretching to new extremes!

Just run the barbell through your nipple piercing and thread it into the spiral extender. Now, as you twist the extender it will pull your nipple away from your body. Every tiny twist will pull your nipple just a little bit farther. If you're looking for nipple extension, this is an effective tool.

Note: Price is for (1) extender. Use a quantity of 2, to order a pair.

Spiral Nipple Extender with Barbell Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: Barbell is 0.96 inches long (including balls), 0.15 inches in diameter (10 gauge) with 0.37 inch diameter (8mm) balls, Spiral Extender has 2.53 inches overall length
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Note: This item requires a nipple piercing.
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