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The Keg Butt Plug
$34.99 $26.99
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The Keg Butt Plug
The Keg Butt Plug The Keg Butt Plug The Keg Butt Plug The Keg Butt Plug The Keg Butt Plug

Give your rectum a nice, full stretching with this Keg Anal Plug. The plug is made of a comfortable jelly material that is easy to insert. You may want to get plenty of lube when trying to take this bad boy in, but imagine your excitement when you're finally able to receive all of this plug. The plug measures approx. 8" in total length, 7" insertable length, 10" in circumference and 3" in width.


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More about this product
material quality
build quality
It fills me up and stretches me out.
One Big Butt Plug
By Bob.
I got this and was very anxious to try it out that evening. Now I've played with some big butt toys but the Keg is bigger (mainly in length). I washed it off to begin with then lubed it up. I set it on a stand that I could straddle and lowered my ass down on it. The flared head went in fairly easy but it took some effort to stretch my ass over the diameter of the barrel then tried to lower myself the rest of the way down. The barrel gets bigger the farther you go down and it was definitely stretching me to the max, it felt great. I was able to take about 95% of this toy but it was like I bottomed out from the length and was unable to get it to lock in. But I still had a great time trying and I love a challenge so will keep trying and I'm sure I'll be able to get it to lock in soon. And a bonus, the suction cup base actually seems to work so will be trying this in a horizontal position too.
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By Jeff Carlson.
OMG! When I received this in the mail, I couldn't believe how big this toy was! After 15 minutes of foreplay with a few smaller plugs, I was ready. I swabbed the Keg with lots of KY and slowly guided the tip into my butt. The head feels nice going in, kind of a little tease, but that's where the teasing ends! I felt that big shaft start to slide in. In a few minutes I was relaxed enough to go deeper and I slowly inched my way down to the base. I felt my ass start to stretch wide and there was a pop as the Keg slid past my sphincter and nestled warmly in my rectum. It was sheer heaven! In seconds I was riding it with abandon, feeling my butt stretched like never before. I had my first anal orgasm with this toy - magnificent!
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By Jonnie Smith.
Very nice plug. Ive had it in all the way quiet a few times. The head is awsom when it goes in. The following 3" shaft gives a nice stretch and when it disappears completely the head hits the "P" spot and this makes me cum every time. The orgasm is fantastic and nothing else compares to it. A must for the enthusiast.........
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More about this product
material quality
build quality
Great Price Great stretch
came buckets
By Anonymous.
got this in the mail today and went right to work on it. After loosing up on some bigger toys it was time to try this beast. It took A lot of lube poppers and patience but once i finally got the whole thing buried up my ass i had the best anal orgasm of my life. Streams and streams of cum without even touching myself. Its been a few hours and I am ready to tackle it again
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By brice cd.
It is big! but I am trying, a little sore today after almost taking the whole thing in. The pop is nice after the head goes in then you have to ride the shaft. It helped me get the Ass of spades in.
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By Dave Bottom.
If you want to get ready for fisting this is for you. It took me one week to get the hole thing inside of. Now I can ride it like a pro
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