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The Dual Wand
$33.95 $23.99
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The Dual Wand

The Dual Wand gives the best of two products for their sexual satisfaction. You can use one side as a dildo. Let yourself take in all 4.75" of insertable length ( and .75" in width) of this dildo while the embossed swirls give you extra stimulation. You could, also, turn it around and use the 2.5" plug as an anal toy. The dildo end then becomes the handle by which you or your partner can penetrate and remove the plug. The entire item is made of smooth borosilicate glass (which also means it's non-porous, hypoallergenic and easy to clean). It can also be heated or cooled for sensation play. The Blue Swirl Dildo w/ Plug comes in a soft velvet, handy carrying case.


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