Ball Strap Metal Ball Stretcher***Offer***

Ball Strap Metal Ball Stretcher***Offer***

A Delicious Heavy Metal Trap For Your Balls!

A Delicious Heavy Metal Trap For Your Balls!

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Trap your sack into this merciless Metal Ball Stretcher and feel the satisfying tug of gravity on your testicles! Perfect for men seeking a new way to tease and play with their or their partner's sack - equip and enjoy 11.6 ounces (220 grams) of downward pull, stretching the sack to provide a satisfying feel and kinky appearance for everyone to enjoy.

This Ball Trap comes equipped with two attachment points for adding extra accessories like chains, straps, or even extra weight to take your testicular play even further! Attach this ball stretcher to a set of ankle cuffs to force your plaything to his knees and enjoy his body to your heart's content.

This stretcher is held together via screws, fastened with the included allen wrench. The aluminum alloy material is a breeze to clean and sanitize after use - wipe clean with warm water and mild soap.

Ball Trap Metal Ball Stretcher Specs:

Measurements: Overall length 4.4 inches, diameter 2.4 inches, inner diameter 1.3 inches, thickness 1 inch

Materials: Aluminum alloy

Color: Metal

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