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Hells Bridge Ball Stretcher
$135.00 $92.95
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Hells Bridge Ball Stretcher
Hells Bridge Ball Stretcher Hells Bridge Ball Stretcher Hells Bridge Ball Stretcher Hells Bridge Ball Stretcher

Stretch, crush, pull, and jab your balls with the incredible Hell's Bridge Ball Stretcher.

The Hell's Bridge is like the Swiss Army knife of CBT. The stainless steel rings are locked around the scrotum using the included hex nuts, and then it's up to you how to use it. The whole thing weighs a pound and a half, so it will pull on your nuts plenty without you doing anything. The lower ring has built in wheels that raise and lower it by tiny increments. If you've run your nuts through that ring, then lowering it stretches your scrotum. If you've only run your nuts through the top ring, then raising the lower ring crushes your balls, while the weight of the device stretches you sack. Want to add a new level of stimulation; you can use a hex key to drive the eight blunt screws into your stretched sack. The Hell's Bridge is just an unstoppable CBT and stretching machine!

Hells Bridge Ball Stretcher Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: The stretcher has 6.38" overall length, Rings have 1.32" inner diameter, 0.86" thickness, 4.88" max distance between rings, Adjustable Screw Points protrude up to 0.25" into rings
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Note: Hex keys included
  • Create the ultimate stretch for your partner's testicles
  • Can double as a crusher when the first ring is used and both rings are brought together
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    By Ted Meekes.
    Very difficult to put on. The edges of the split rings are razor sharp and hurt a lot when trying to clamp it back together. Mine was not made very well, it had sharp metal burrs from the boreholes that I had to file down. You need three hands to hold the parts together while screwing the spilt rings back together. Very complicated, very expensive, very difficult to use, very-very painful to put on.
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