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CleanStream Inline Enema Bulb

CleanStream Inline Enema Bulb
XL Lubricant Launcher - CleanStream Blue Add XL Lubricant Launcher - CleanStream Blue $9.99 $7.95

Pump It In & Let it Flow

Experience stimulating enema play with the CleanStream Inline Enema Bulb. Simply place the intake hose into the liquid of your choice and pump the bulb to suck it through the device. With this enema tool you don't have to worry about gravity or hanging enema bags. Just pump and go.

CleanStream Inline Enema Bulb Specs:

  • Size: The bulb and hose are 28" long. The nozzle is 2.5" of insertable length.
  • Material: Rubber hose and bulb. ABS plastic tips.


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    By Matt OK.
    This is actually the best device I've used for a quick clean out. It is a little messy in that the water will drip out if you don't hold it just right, but it's clean water so no big deal. And if you do it in the shower then that wouldn't be a problem to begin with. But the best part about this is that it prevents you from shooting air up your butt which a avoids gassy issues later on. I'd definitely prefer this to the bulb types for that reason alone.
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