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Ball Crusher Attachment for Ball Weights
$44.00 $26.40
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Ball Crusher Attachment for Ball Weights
Ball Crusher Attachment for Ball Weights Ball Crusher Attachment for Ball Weights Ball Crusher Attachment for Ball Weights
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Ball Crusher Attachment for more CBT fun!

Hit them where it hurts by crushing their family jewels. Made for erotic torture this a true S/M device. This crusher attaches to our ball stretcher using the wingnuts you move the bar up and down to increase pressure or "crush effect" on their balls.

Note: Use caution when using this item as misuse of this device may lead to possible injury.

Note: Pictures show the crusher with our Ball Stretcher which is sold separately. Ball weights are also available below.


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By ron lucas.
I love the ball crusher attachment, I put it on and squeeze my balls and stretch them at the same time, what a feeling!!! Awesome!!!
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Hello, I sincerely want to thank you for posting my comments and in a nice way. This means a lot to me, since I just had a bad experience unrelated to this site--a local forum, where I posted comments, and got no response, as it became obvious they were a "cliche", and answered one another--a few who were friends, just responding to each other, and ignoring all others. I love your site, and feel it is important we support one another, as our subject matter is not well understood by many. Their loss--missing a lot of fun. Again, thanks, and best wishes to all of you. Jeff Singer
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The ball crusher sounds exciting. It is the ultimate in S&M, and something I will order when I can--very erotic. I have had many requests where I could use this. I also have some around me I'd especially enjoy using it on. The gradual control is important--to keep the pain level right where you want it--enough to keep the subject in pain, but still able to know what is going on and answer, if you choose, how and what he is feeling.
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