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Zeus Electrosex Penis Bands
Zeus Electrosex Penis Bands
Zeus Electrosex Penis Bands Zeus Electrosex Penis Bands Zeus Electrosex Penis Bands Zeus Electrosex Penis Bands Zeus Electrosex Penis Bands

Highly Popular, Adjustable Elastic Electro Penis Bands

People like that these electro bands are made of a comfortable fabric that is elastic so it can be fitted on the penis shaft and around the cock and balls. When you put it around the cock and balls tightly it also acts as a cock ring which keeps you harder longer. In this setup, as shown, the electricity goes from one cock band to the other creating a wild sensation. What makes these cock rings really fun is you can move them around the penis. In various positions the electricity follows different paths and it creates a completely unique feel. A staff favorite and a must for versatile electrosex play. Price is for 1 pair.

Works directly with Zeus and Rimba Power Boxes. Note: You will need to use the AE150 Banana to Tens Plugs for the bands to work with the Folsom Unit. Item shown below.

Note: Electrical box is sold separately -- see related items below for suggested units.

Credits: Pictures # 3 thru 5, and the video clip are courtesy of CollegeBoyPhysicals. All models are 18 years of age or older.


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By Mike Brice.
I tried these twice and both times had hot spots which was not fun. I must be doing something wrong. I used the gel but still got hot spots. Too much pain for me. Let me know what I have done wrong.
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By jason moor.
sjo hot stuff i came 4 times wow
Was this review helpful to you? 12 23

By Electricified pleasure.
O my, what just happened ? I received these today and my biggest fantasy has always been to have an orgasm without touching myself. And that just happened in combination with the Zeus Deluxe digital power box, these penis bands and the large E-stim torpedo plug in the obvious place. Was this so much pain that it became extreme pleasure of so much pleasure that it became lovely painful ? Well, both happened at the exact same time. Get what I mean ? This was the most intense orgasm I EVER had up to today !!! If there would be such price as an Nobel price for sexual pleasure I would immediately award it to Zeus. I'm totally amazed by what just happened to me. So I just HAD to write this review with my body and mind still beyond euphoria.
Was this review helpful to you? 8 22

By Peter Hewitt.
Work ok ...BUT..that is for a very short time only BEFORE THEY BREAK .. The electric cable/wire joining to the Blue Penis band is so flimsy they break off very easily after a very few sessions I have broken four in as many months

[ Editor's Note: Those are snap on wires. They're meant to snap on and off. You do have a 30 day warranty against defects when you buy from us. That should help protect you from flimsy products. ]
Was this review helpful to you? 7 22

By jock cock.
excellent! have used them on myself and in play. Brings a shocking good time to the playtime.
Was this review helpful to you? 6 21

By Rob Parker Parker.
Agree with Mike. I purchased these bands in hopes of having a hands free orgasm. Unfortunately I could not even maintain an erection due to the discomfort caused by the bands. The bands pinched my skin during adjustment and the electrodes kept producing hot spots.

[ Editor's Note: You can drastically improve performance and reduce hot spots with a little electrogel. ]
Was this review helpful to you? 4 23

By Michael Stacey.
The Zeus electrosex unit with penis bands is awesome for great long edging sessions and intense, exciting ejaculations, I love it!
Was this review helpful to you? 3 22

By John Scott.
Love these in different places, especially with gel to help distribute the sensation and eliminate hot spots from the metal. I used these, the large torpedo plug ... was awesome and my orgasm was powerful...
Was this review helpful to you? 2 21

By Ty M..
I have tried these three times, finally got the right combination, Wow. I use them a lot. 3 out of 5 times I have a hands free orgasm. Be surew to use the jelly for electro machines, keeps from getting "burns".
Was this review helpful to you? 1 21

Another great toy. Works to climatic conditions.
Was this review helpful to you? 2 22

By Don Kelly.
Just receive these in todays mail and could not wait to try it out. I only receive hald of the pleasure because only one band seemed to be working. tried several combinations but only one worked. Is this normal for this unit?

[ Editor's Note: In order to experience any electrostimulation the unit needs to transmit power from one side to the other. So if you had on both and felt it on one strap then the other must have been working or you would have felt nothing. To enhance your experience, we strongly encourage a good dose of electrogel. ]
Was this review helpful to you? 1 21