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Zeus Electrosex Palm Power Box
$34.00 $29.95
(12% off)

Zeus Electrosex Palm Power Box
Zeus Electrosex Palm Power Box Zeus Electrosex Palm Power Box Zeus Electrosex Palm Power Box Zeus Electrosex Palm Power Box
Zeus Incite Electrosex Gel - 8.5oz Add Zeus Incite Electrosex Gel - 8.5oz $7.95

Zeus Electrosex Penis Bands Add Zeus Electrosex Penis Bands $59.00 $44.95

Power all kinds of electrosex toys with this super-affordable electrosex power box!

Men who try electrosex tend to describe it in phrases like "being jacked off from the inside out" or "being fucked at 10,000 strokes a minute". Unlike vibrators, which are fun, electrosex makes you vibrate. You connect the power box to your body with two sticky pads and it sends a gentle current through you, exciting all of the nerves and muscles in between the contact points. You can try six different patterns, and adjust the intensity according to your tastes. There are plenty of men who've achieve a hands free orgasm with electrosex stimulation. If you want to take it easier, the Palm Power Box gives a great massage.

You can have a lot of fun with the pads included, but there are so many fun accessories that allow you to have a more intimate electrosex experience.

Zeus Palm Powerbox Contents:

  • (1) Zeus powerbox
  • (4) Adhesive electrosex pads
  • (4) Lead wires

    Zeus Palm Powerbox Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: 2.25" wide x 3" tall
  • Batteries: (2) AAA batteries
  • Simple and powerful compact design
  • 6 different modes and multi-level intensity settings
  • Works with all Zeus accessories

  • Model images courtesy of Butch Dixon.


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    By Benjamin Deal.
    Not what I had expected, but it is great as a taint massage and back massage machine. It may be better with other devices such as the 2" strips for your cock and the butt plugs. Will have to try that out next time and give my review on it then.
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    By Benny Dl.
    Not what I had expected it gives out a lot of energy and for my first time, I do like this little machine. I don't have a sensitive cock nor am I endowed but it give a huge punch of electricity. I love the combination of 3 and 4 together. For it being reasonably priced I would recommend it. though for the cock I would highly suggest the strips. I do want to try the other machines. I think they would give more variety and I think that is what I need more of a masturbation motion.
    Was this review helpful to you? 3 25