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Zeus Electro Sex Clamps
Zeus Electro Sex Clamps
Zeus Electro Sex Clamps Zeus Electro Sex Clamps

These fine electro-play clamps will round out your selection of versatile electosex toys! Two lightweight plastic clamps with rubber on one edge feel very sexy to even wear alone. Great for use on the most sensitive private areas and can stimulate great pleasure if used correctly. The design makes it easy to use with or without other accessories. One set of two clamps works on one circuit. One clamp is the negative pole and the other positive.

Caution: We advise you not to use e-stim devices above the waist as dictated in most electro sex guides. People with heart conditions should not use this product.


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By joe fool.
Piece of junk. Arrived broken in two; replacement broke when we were trying to unwrap it. Save your money [ Editor's note: We caught a batch with an unacceptably high defect rate. The entire stock was run through QA, rather than just a sample, and all defective units were shipped back to the manufacturer. Please contact customer service for a replacement. The defective stock has been purged. Thank you. ]
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