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Zeus 6-Channel Digital Electrosex Unit
Zeus 6-Channel Digital Electrosex Unit
Zeus 6-Channel Digital Electrosex Unit Zeus 6Channel Digital Electrosex Unit Zeus 6Channel Digital Electrosex Unit Zeus 6Channel Digital Electrosex Unit

This device is ideal for those who are serious about e-stim play, or those who want to take their e-stim fantasies that much further. Inside of the box lies a machine that offers many possibilities for stimulating electrosex sessions. Imagine a sexy nurse teasing and stimulation your erogenous zones. Now you can bring that fantasy home and enjoy invigorating electro sex with a high-quality power box.

The box has an easy layout and labeling system, so you can see where everything is at a glance. At the bottom, you'll notice six individual channels with their own adjustment knobs. This means that you could hook up more than one electrode item to your body and give different areas, different sensations. For example, you can assemble together a set that involves cock rings, tens pads, a butt plug and a urethral sound. With so much going through your body you'll reach heightened stimulation. If your partner wishes to join in, then maybe you can divide the box, 3 for you and 3 for them. Maybe you want to invite more than one person to join you, as long as there's another output space left there's always room for one more. A total of 12 uni-polar accessories can be used, so give your imagination a sexual workout. This device packs lots of power, tons of options at a super value price!

Benefits & Features: * It can replace the need for hand massages for muscle relaxation and stimulation. * Five types of pulse waves: continuous, dense-disperse, intermittent, ripple, and start/stop can deliver various levels of electro stimulation * Control the intensity with one of six lead-port knobs above the port plug-ins; each wave is controlled independently of the others but can be used simultaneously for exciting combinations of sensation * Hi-Tech Digital Displays * Includes a timing switch for safe on and off control * Output monitors so you can consistently check the levels of electro-stim * Accessories: One acupoint detecting pen, six (6) sets of output wires, ten (10) rubber pieces, two (2) self-stick electric conductive rubber flat, roll of tape, instruction manual and acupoint figure * To power it use 1 DC 9V Adapter (included) or 6 "C" batteries


With the right adapters, you can use this power box with most of our e-stim accessories. For Folsom products use the spare output leads. Then you could directly connect to your Folsom accessories, such as the butt plug or the electrosex gloves.

For Rimba products use the In Line Adapter in order to connect your Rimba items to this power box. You can also utilize the Banana to Snap adapters for PES Electrosex Products and Banana to Pins adapters for use with tens pads.

Step-by-Step Instructions


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By Peter Wanschura.
I purchased this power box in October 2012. Definitely a "lunch bag letdown". For the money I spent, I was expecting much more. Of the six output channels, the two on the right seem not to function at all. Using the urethral sound and anal bullet accessories have become an unnerving experience, as the power level is unstable. Just when you think you have reached the stimulation level that will bring you into ecstasy, it either stops or you feel as though you are suddenly in the electric chair!

[ Editor's Note: If two of the channels didn't work you should have reported it defective and gotten a replacement within 30 days of its arrival. ]
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By Nate Olson.
Well first thing out of the box, this thing looks really impressive. Nice controls, and not as slapped together as some cheaper units on the market. I put it to use within an hour of purchase and felt great at the beginning. There is one major problem however. I was going very slow in turning up the intensity. Allowing for micro-adjustments and seeing what felt best. But the thing is, I had it just about where I wanted it, when suddenly it went from nice stimulation to ZAP!!! Again, I was turning up very SLOWLY, so it had nothing to do with they way I was increasing the output. The just seems to be an ABRUPT cut off point where it jumps from nice stimulation to stabbing shock. I tried each of the different knobs, but with the same result. This is a defect they need to fix, and until they do, I wouldn't recommend this unit, specially not for the price. I used it for a while until I got tired of being zapped, and finally I sold it to someone else, who I made aware of the issue before they bought it. If the manufacturer can fix this defect it would actually be a decent unit. I got bought a different device which I now use and works great with out the death zap that this one has.
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By John Scott.
This thing really will ZAP what you want zapped! :P I think it could have come with better instructions for use... REALLY DELIVERS THE JUICE Knobs are very touchy and when adjusting them slowly, the juice really fluctuates from strong to weak, making it difficult to add juice slowly and consistently. Overall a 5 FOR JUICE delivery, but for the amount of money I spent on this, a 1 for quality/construction.
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By Tom Adams.
I've had the same trouble as all the others users. NOT WORTH IT. Output of all channels are hit an miss. I've adjusted the channel just right for a great feeling and then it stops by itself - nothing! WORSE YET, I'm adjusting a channel up ever so slowly, then the next move of the dial zaps me nearly to death. Playing Russian roulette with my cock and balls is not fun.
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By ron powell.
i've had this unit over a year. the only thing i love about it is the amount of power it sends through my dick. i hook the positive alligator lead onto my PA and then place a pad with the negative lead attached underneath my balls. love the way that feels. my problem is that when you are turning the knobs slowly to increase power, all of a sudden it will go from being light power to full power. this definetly is not a good thing. for some reason all the knobs do this, therefore i believe it is a manufactures defect. once i can get past that point, i'm in heaven.
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By neville cook.
Just reading the comment's and have found the same proberlem with my control's an it make's it hard to get the right stim that I like could the control's be changed in any way to get over this as just reach the point you want an it goes over the top on you sad

[ Editor's Note: You have to ramp up the power very incrementally as it gets higher. If you're careful you shouldn't have too much trouble. ]
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