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Wet Platinum Lube

Wet Platinum Lube
XL Lubricant Launcher Add XL Lubricant Launcher $9.99 $7.95

Maximize your pleasure! Don't have sex or masturbate without Wet!

Wet Platinum is Wet's Premium formula, stays silky longer than any water-based lubricant and never dries. This formula allows masturbation and sex to be more pleasurable and can lead to stronger orgasms. It's silky smooth, 100% pure silicone formula is latex friendly and works great under water. Try it and we doubt you'll ever go back.

Size: 3.1 oz


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Serious Lube
By Sac_loko.
If you would seriously like to have great intercourse than this lube will work well for the person or partners that want to work hard and play hard.
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By anonguy 91.
My 1st time bottoming we used this lube. All I can say is WOW! It just slipped right in. This lube is AMAZING! A must have for anal fun :P
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By clint rogers.
By far one of the best lubes only thing is trying to clean up.. yes soap and water cleans you but doesn't clean the sheets lol.. only thing I have found that does is bleach in the washer. if you have colored sheets just use a small amount and wait till the washer is full of hot water so it doesn't bleach out the sheets, repeat if necessary due to not being able to use that much bleach at a time. if you have white sheets just bleach the hell out of them. I have tried washing it with everything i can think of and washing like 3 times back to back with tide, didn't even phase it..
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By Wild Bottom.
A tine bit of this goes a long way so be careful not to use too much. It really is slick and can be very helpful for even the largest cocks you plan on taking into you. It lasts quite a while which has come in handy with some recent stamina heavy hookups i've had recently. Easy to clean too with just a regular soapy shower afterwards.
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By jay huges.
I went 3 rounds LOL nothing more left to say
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By Mr Adam.
This lube is awesome, very slick, but not sticky. is a great product and will always use for those fun days, evenings, nights, and then some
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By John Kuhn.
Hey there Just wanted u to know that Wet is the Best Lube me and my Partner ever experienced... it keep u wet where and when u need it... :o)
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By chuck bretz.
amazing how smooth it is with no stickyness wouldn't have anything else. you will have to to try it and you won't change believe me
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By Jay Love.
I on my 4 bottle in 2months, nothing more left to say but jumbo bottle size please

[ Editor's Note: We added the half gallon size (AA984). Thanks for the suggestion. ]
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By Dr. Jon Jupiter Fla....
Wet Platinum This Lube is GREAT... First time I ever made luv to a hot ass I put this on his ass and it slide right in it is wonderful... Let's u play in the water also. So all u people with pools this is your lube u need.
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