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Vulcan Anus Stroker

Vulcan Anus Stroker
Vulcan Anus Stroker Vulcan Anus Stroker Vulcan Anus Stroker
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Just pop the cap and fuck this convenient fleshy ass.

The Vulcan Ass Stroker features a soft fleshy interior filled with prominent massaging nubs. It's a satisfying fuckable ass in a can. Break it out when you want a more soft and sensuous experience than your hand can give you. After you blow your load the inner sleeve pops out for easy cleaning.

Vulcan Anus Stroker Specs and Benefits:

  • Measurements: 5.75 inches long, 2.5 inches in diameter
  • Material: TPR
  • Color: Natural


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    By Jay Martin.
    I was seriously considering a Fleshlight and ran across the Anus Stroker. It was a great purchase. It feels amazing and be hand held or wedged depending on your mood. You can remove the plastic shell and use it that way as well which feels equally amazing. It is easy to clean and I've not had trouble returning it to the plastic shell. I would highly recommend this product.
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    By victor waon.
    the color is just a plastic wrapper like candy and the rest is white plastic for discreetion. the flesh is pretty damn near close to the real thing and works like the real thing. pretty amazing you don't have to buy the expensive fleshlight over this one. amazing quality and doesn't smell bad at all. flesh rubber comes out for easy cleaning but putting it back in is a little bit more trouble then it should be. would recommend this for anyone who wants to try a fleshlight without the expensive price on the regular one.
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    By Sam Kincade.
    Got it in the mail and was worth the wait. Tried it out the first night and it was so great, I used it the next morning. Got it for my spouse but wanted to try it out before he did, just incase it was lame. It is anything but lame!
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    By Tim Unk.
    I purchased one of these a while ago and also had a fleshlight and I got to say, this is WAY better than the expensive fleshlight. I have both, but the Vulcan one is more comfortable and more versatile and makes me blow my load several times!!! As far as cleaning and putting it back together, I don't think it's difficult at all. I think it's easier compared to my fleshlight. I use the Vulcan all the time and the fleshlight is almost rarely used. I wish I had bought the Vulcan one first!!!!! It's so realistic and feels so good! When my bf fucks me, I use the Vulcan one at the same time! When he's not spending the night, I fuck the Vulcan and pretend it's my bf that I'm fucking!!! Buy it!!!! It's worth every cent!!!!
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