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Universal Tube Cleanser

Universal Tube Cleanser

Inject a little fun into your enema play!

Try this enema syringe for precise enema dosage. With the graduated measurements in milliliters up the side of the Tube Cleanser, you can hit yourself with the exact amount of the enema concoction of your choice. So if you want to mix up your own enema solution, and don't want to waste a drop, this is the enema delivery system for you. Also, unlike bulbs, you're much less likely to get "backwash".

If you just like the medical stylings, but are looking for something with a little more capacity, try our big chrome plated Enema Syringe.

Universal Tube Cleanser Specs/Benefits:

  • Size: Measures approx. 9.75" total length
  • Holds up to 100ml of liquid
  • Easy to fill; just pull on the pull-ring to draw liquid into the applicator
  • Fill up with your choice of liquid
  • Includes two attachments for different effects


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