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Twist Up Nipple Suckers
$23.99 $17.99
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Twist Up Nipple Suckers
Twist Up Nipple Suckers Twist Up Nipple Suckers Twist Up Nipple Suckers Twist Up Nipple Suckers Twist Up Nipple Suckers

Go from gentle to excruciating with a simple twist!

The Twist Up Nipple Suckers are great for adjustability and visual appeal. Sure you can use them to simulate a gentle sucking, but if you crank them way up, you can see your nipples pulled up into them. Some guys will do it for the immediate sensation, and some guys will do it for the swollen sensitive nipples that they leave behind after your remove them.

Just place them on your chest and start twisting to increase the pressure. Remove them by twisting them in the opposite direction or breaking the seal. We'd go on about the Twist Up Nipple Suckers, but they're just so simple and effective that we don't need to.

Twist Up Nipple Suckers Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: 1 1/8th" inch in diameter, 4" in total length
  • Material: Plastic
  • Sold in pairs
  • Powerful suction and a strong hold
  • Easy to use twist-up design

  • Model images courtesy of UKNAKEDMEN.


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    More about this product
    material quality
    build quality
    i really like them
    By ChiefWhiteSwallowYellow2.
    i use a bit of lube and remove any hairs close to my nipples. Cranked as much as you can is not excruciating but can be painful if left on about 15 or 20 minutes. After 20 minutes i remove them and my nips are big and hard like bullets. I then put really small rubber bands around those bullets double tight depending on how small the rubberbands are. Rubber bands are available in the drugstore hair accessory section. The result is my nips are enlarged, hard, and very sensitive until i remove the rubber bands.
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    By Do Is.
    If you are looking for excruciating- this is not the product for you. I received the nipple suckers today and put them on; at the most a gentle tug.
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