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Trinity Easy Release Tri-Cock-Ring
$9.95 $8.95
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Trinity Easy Release Tri-Cock-Ring
Trinity Easy Release Tri-Cock-Ring Trinity Easy Release TriCockRing

The Trinity Easy Release Tri-Cockring is a simple and effective sex toy for men!

When applied, a cock ring can allow a man to maintain his erection for a longer period of time. This can equal prolonged sexual activity and more intense pleasure for both partners. The Trinity Ease Release Tri-Cockring serves that purpose and performs it in a simple-to-use manner. Simply connect the ends of the cock ring around the cock and balls and enjoy longer-lasting penetration of your partner. If you feel that the Tri-Cockring isn't fitting exactly as you wish, all you have to do is use a pair of scissors to cut the open-holed end of the ring until you obtain your desired fit. It's made of comfortable and high quality silicone.

Specs: Trinity Easy Release Tri-Cockring

  • Material: This item is made from silicone
  • Color: Black
  • Highly adjustable, just connect the ends together. If you need a more comfortable fit, simply cut the open-holed end of the rings until the desired fit is achieved.
  • A tri-cockring allows for a longer-lasting erection and heightened stimulation during sexual activity


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    By 9x7 DILF.
    Don't bother buying this, even on sale! Each of the three rings must be snapped closed - and when push comes to shove (literally and figuratively) they pop open, leaving the ends swinging around wildly at exactly the wrong time! It also takes a Houdini to figure out how to put the darned things together correctly.
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    By Phil Bottom.
    This is the best cock ring i have ever had. holds my cock, shaft and balls nice and firm. also can trim to fit perfectly to your own size. stronger longer erections, and strong orgasms. recommend to anyone that is on the edge of buying it to just get it, you will love it.
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    By Carl Barker.
    Totally sucks! One size fits all is the way it came. The only ring that fist is the one around the base of my cock. The other two just hang there and I'm not small in the endowment area.
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