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Toms Sharp Spikes CBT Tool

Toms Sharp Spikes CBT Tool
Toms Sharp Spikes CBT Tool Toms Sharp Spikes CBT Tool Toms Sharp Spikes CBT Tool Toms Sharp Spikes CBT Tool

Enjoy ultimately adjustable CBT play with 28 adjustable sharp spikes!

This stainless steel cock cuff has 28 screws, each capable of being fully withdrawn or driven almost half an inch into the ring. Padlock it around your cock, cock and balls, or scrotum, and start adjusting. As you turn the hex key you drive each spike further into your flesh. You choose each point of pressure and how hard you drive it in. You can up the intensity of pressure it puts on you, spike by spike and turn by turn. For added fun, you can even clip ball weights onto it. It's an intense CBT experience with the kind of adjustability that will keep you trying new things for a long time.

Tom's Sharp Spikes CBT Tool Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: Ring has 1.83 inch inner diameter, 1.55 inch wide band, Screw points can be adjusted to protrude up to 0.48 inches into interior of ring
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Note: A hex key is included to adjust screw points.
  • Padlock is not included
  • Create new dimensions of CBT play for you and your partner
  • Can be used, also, as a cock ring or ball stretcher
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