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The Zeus E-Stim Torpedo Plugs
The Zeus E-Stim Torpedo Plugs
The Zeus E-Stim Torpedo Plugs The Zeus EStim Torpedo Plugs
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New Electrosex Anal Plugs

These cucumber shaped plugs are simply electrifying. Their simple design makes them affordable and versatile. Works with all our Zeus power boxes (See VF170). The Folsom units will need the AE150 adapter. They are made from a smooth plastic material with conductive plates. Bi-polar design makes use easy, just plug and play.

Comes in 2 sizes.

  • Small: 3 inches long, 1 inch wide
  • Large: 6 inches long, 1.5 inches wide

Credits: Picture 2 is courtesy of CollegeBoyPhysicals.


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7 Customer reviews
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By Jim Jones.
I bought the large version of this plug and I have to say first that it's a perfect fit - not too big, not too small. It also works really well and I tried it in sigle-pole mode with the other pole connected to a urethral probe and that worked great. I also tried connecting it with both poles connected and it felt like I was getting fucked. Great! Luv it. One big complaint I have - this things is NOT sealed and is very hard to clean and dry. In terms of how well built, I would say it's a piece of chep junk. My guess is the electrodes will eventually fall off or start to come lose as they corrode from not being able to properly clean them. There are MUCH better quality plugs out there and I suggest you spend your money on one of those not this one.
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By Ford Ranger.
I love the way the big one feels in my ass and the sensations are great. But....the base is so small that when my asshole clamps down from the sensations, the plug goes in deeper. Now I don't really see this as a problem--I can always "shit" it out. The real problem is that if you play with it to long you start getting a pressure necrosis from where the base is pulled up tight against your delicate anal skin. This may not show up for a couple of days, but let me tell you it hurts like a bitch and you could do some serious damage if your not careful. Great toy but needs a softer, bigger base.
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By Richard Green.
It doesn't do what is promised. I have another Zeus electrostim anal plug, and with it I can feel the different type of stimulations. With this one, I felt nothing, just that something was up my butt. (I purchased the larger one.) The base is very small, and like other reviewers wrote, you could loose this thing up there with only the tiny cord to help pull it out. I wouldn't waste your money.
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By John Scott.
Better hold onto the end of this when you turn it on... If not, when your hole tightens, it will shoot up inside your anus and you'll have to pull it out by the cord... Needs a larger base to prevent the entire plug from going up inside, not easy to get back out and it hurts like hell getting it back out.. On a better note, the electro-sensation is awesome, it really make your hole tighten up and the sensation on your prostate REALLY make your orgasm powerful. 5 stars on the sensations, -3stars for the lack of a wider base and a cord that doesn't short out.
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By No Bozo.
Was really looking forward to getting this. I love anal play and have recently gotten into e-stim. Can't tell you how disappointed I am with the small plug. First off the documentation is crap, as it is with all Zeus products I've gotten so far. The base is small so that you might possibly lose it up your bunghole and have to rely on the tiny wire to get it out, like a chick removing a tampon! There's no instructions on the proper cleaning method, can you wash it under a tap or does that ruin it? To add insult to injury I felt nothing in my ass other that the having something up there... I know it's no defective because I lubed with conducting gel and stimulated my anus externally with it. Save your money!
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I couldn't get mine to pulse my hole, but the vibrations inside you are wonderful.
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By brent lance.
tie a shoe string around the nub ti pull it out.. it works great :)
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