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The Walrus Huge Dildo

The Walrus Huge Dildo

You might feel anally satisfied with this huge walrus dildo. It's massive body and ripples can give you quality anal stimulation as you attempt to take in the full thing. It's made of high quality jelly rubber and has a realistic cock head and balls at the base.

The walrus cock measures approx. 12.5 inches in total length, 10.75 inches insertable, 4.6 inches in diameter.


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More about this product
material quality
build quality
Great dildo
By Anonymous.
It is huge ! Quite a challenge but I am making progress. I can get the second ridge in but not much more. I feel empty when I take it out, but feel soooo good when it's in. I love it. Glad I bought it.
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More about this product
material quality
build quality
Its big
It will take you more than once to get it all in
This cock made me go full gay
By Gay freddy.
I bought this didlo cause I was unsatisfied with my presant one and oh boy did I get a surprise. I was just a closet bi guy when I started and I got this cock and I had a little trouble getting it all the way in. I lubed it up with cocconut oil and hopped on it and fucked my ass like a trouper. My boi pussy would not take it all the way in the first or the second time I used it but on the third try I got it all the way in and what a feeling. It was like I was streached to the limit. After I got it to go in all the way each time I fucked myself with this beast it got a little easier. I would get a massive hard on and would cum more than once with it im my ass. It was great as I got to shoot a big squirt of pre cum out and got to lick that up and then when I finally came I shot a huge load all over. When i started licking my cum I wouldn't eat it after I came but after using this bad boy I got so horney that I just started liking the taste of my cum so I needed to find out if other guys cum tasted as good as mine. I went to a gay night club and walked in with this dildo in my pants so to look like I had this massive hard on and every guy there came up to me and actually felt it and said that they wanted to go out to the parking lot and suck my cock. When I told them it was a dildo they were surprised. But all of the guys did want to suck my cock that night and I did suck every one of them and they all came in my mouth. A few of the guys fucked my pussy and came in me and that felt great. There was this one guy thet fucked me with this didlo in his ass and he came a huge load then bent me doggie and sucked his entire load out of my ass and kissed me and swapped his cum with me for a long time. I did get his number and we now fuck each other every night. I went full gay and am so satisfied now that I have come out because now there are many guys that want to fuck me as I have gotten a reputation for having a big pussy that will take any sized cock thay have and that I suck cum both from their hard cocks and also from their mouths after they fuck me and suck out their cum. I also got into a 3 sum where I was being fucked wildly by this cut black guy with a huge cock and I was sucking his buddy who was also black and his buddy came in my mouth and it tasted so good that I swished his cum around his cock and continued sucking it till every drop of his cum was in my mouth then I swallowed it just as his buddy came in my ass. I turned around and started to suck the remaining cum from the cock that just came in my ass and the other guy sucked his buddies cum from my ass and then swapped it with his buddy. Man what an experiance. Then both of them went down on me one sucking my cock and the other sucking my balls and in a very short time I came a big load of cum and they both kissed and swapped my cum with each other. So I am really gay and I have it all to thank for buying this dildo and fucking it. TY
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By simon james.
Hi guys. I have been used to various dildos up to 2.75 inches and this bad boy did present a challange at first. The beautiful soft head and shaft glided in and stretched my ass to perfection ...what a new best friend. I cant stop thinking about it. X
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By Jon Jonz.
This bad boy won't go all the way in my ass, I have tried everything. I ass is so bruised from bouncing on it to go in further, I guess my asshole just won't stretch any wider.. I can take a 14" big black cock to the balls, but not this baby... I'll keep trying!
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By Kirk Johnson.
One of my favorites... Head shaped like a real cock and increasingly big ridges all the way to the balls... feels great!
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By Kirk Johnson.
The best toy for maximun anus stretching and deep fucking at the same time... nothing like the huge walrus penis balls deep in my ass.
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By randy randa.
This is one AWESOME dildo!!! Haven't gotten past the second level yet, BUTT... It's a stretch worth trying for more!!!!
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