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The Twisted Penis Chastity
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The Twisted Penis Chastity
The Twisted Penis Chastity The Twisted Penis Chastity

Twisted Penis Chastity

The Twisted Penis Chastity is a hand made penis restraint. Beautiful craftsmanship to not only look hot but it is so functional that once applied the wearer will not be able to get an erection. Get control of your member and look good doing it with the penis chastity!

Made of 2 brass rings secured together.
Larger ring is 1.25 inches in diameter and the smaller is 1 inches in diameter.

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By frankie leland.
my boyfriend caught me screwing around with other guys so he bought the twisted penis and told me i would wear or else. i agree. he applied it to my dick and took a small padlock to hold the 2 rings together. there is no way i can remove it. i am his bitch totally now. i love it.
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By Bill Hammer.
The ultimate combination is the three ring cock and ball cock ring in combo with the Twisted Penis Chasity, then insert the Cum-Thru Penis with ring and last of all take some viagra for the mst pleasure you will ever find. HEAVEN FOR THOSE WHO LOVE Urithea play. I will wear it for ever and have fun with my lover boys, I am there slave!!!!!!!!!!!!
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By Bumboy Sdomite.
My lover wanted to be sure that I would never, could never play the field any more (I am a true slut) so after a visit to America where a cutter relieved me of both my balls and scrotum, he fitted the Twisted Penis Chastity device to my very naughty cock and now only he is able to take his pleasure with me. The Twisted Penis Chastity is fantastic.
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