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The Super Head Honcho

The Super Head Honcho

The Super Head Honcho is an upgraded version of one of the popular male masturbation toys, which is also endorsed by Sex Talk host Sue Johanson. For starters the Super Head Honcho is longer at 6" in length, while the original Head Honcho was 5" in length. The Super Head Honcho also has three new suction chambers designed to give your cock quality stimulation during masturbation.

Specifications: The Super Head Honcho is made of phthalate-free silicone.


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By paul mclauchlan.
This little toy is amazing. I just heat it up in the sink and put in some lube and wow, so intense! When you blow your load, wow, I am hooked!
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By d ma.
i got this for myself because i sometimes dont get a lot of sex.. but when i used it i felt great.. it just didnt last me very long untill it ripped =(.. so it feels great just needs thicker rubber
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By Mr Joke.
Bought it was very disappointed not as good as the original Head Honcho
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Hey to all the fellows-I want you to know that i would endorse this product! I was truly amazed at the accuracy of pleasure this product brings-It makes men climb the wall because it's like nothing they have ever experienced! I have worn mine out-so it's time to get a new one LOL! Try it and i declare u will like it!
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By Sjoerd Meindertsma Miller.
I baught this toy and boy oh boy. Never had such an experience!! using it on my hubby as well and we both crawl of pleasure!! This is the best buy ever!!
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By Big Head Todd.
My GF got this for me to use while she is pegging me. It is awesome! It is especially great when used in conjunction with our Dittel Sounds. It is easy to clean and easy to use. She likes to pull it down my rod so my head pops out the end and then slide it all the way back and almost off. It makes you feel like you are going extra deep. Of course, I have never used any other similar device to make a comparison so take this review with that in mind.
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