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The STRICT Sleepsack
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The STRICT Sleepsack
The STRICT Sleepsack The STRICT Sleepsack The STRICT Sleepsack The STRICT Sleepsack
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Lace your boy in tight so that he can't wiggle away from you!

He won't be going anywhere once you trap him in this bondage body bag! If he loves confinement, he will love being helplessly restrained in this sleepsack. The zipper up the back allows him to easily slip in and out... once you're done having your way with him, that is! Tighten the lacing up the front so that he can't move and is completely vulnerable to your wicked desires. You'll still be able to reach down and grab his cock through the laces. The interior is lined with a soft material that is almost like suede, so that he can maintain some comfort while you tease and torment your helpless captive.

Keep your plaything under wraps with an exciting form of bondage!

Sleepsack specifications:

  • Measurements: Large: 61.5 inches in total length. Zipper is 49.5 inches in length. Foot area is 11 inches in length. XL: 68.5 inches in total length. Zipper is 53.5 inches in length. Foot area is 12 inches in length. Both: Neck hole is 20 inches in circumference. Shoulders are 21 inches across. Chest circumference adjusts upwards from 42 inches with lacing. Waist circumference adjusts upwards from 38 inches with lacing. Knees circumference adjusts upwards from 28 inches with lacing.
  • Material: PU leather.


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