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The PA-5000 Prince Albert Chastity Device- 1.25"

The PA-5000 Prince Albert Chastity Device- 1.25"
The PA-5000 Prince Albert Chastity Device- 1.25" The PA5000 Prince Albert Chastity Device 1.25 The PA5000 Prince Albert Chastity Device 1.25
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Now, men with Prince Albert piercings can still engage in chastity play!

All men, who wish to engage in chastity play should be given an opportunity. The PA-5000 is specially designed for men who have a Prince Albert piercing. The hook of the device goes through the PA hole and is locked in place, enclosing his penis completely.

During sexual activity, this chastity device will keep men from getting a full hard-on. This type of play will be stimulating for both partners. It fits comfortably on the cock and easily assembles for immediate use.

The PA-5000 Prince Albert Chastity Device Specs and Benefits:

  • This item is specifically designed for men with Prince Albert piercings
  • There are three sizes available: 1" inside diameter, 1 1/8" inside diameter and 1 1/4" inside diameter
  • There are three hooks included. They are for a 5 gauge piercing with a diameter of .188"
  • Enjoy teasing your partner and letting the cage prevent him from obtaining a full, complete erection

    Measuring for a PA-5000 Chastity Device:

  • While in a relaxed state, hold your cock as far from your body as possible
  • Measure the diameter of your shaft
  • If the measurement equals 1", for example, order the 1 1/8" sizing to allow clearance for hygienic purposes


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    By Pete Riley.
    For guys like myself with compulsive masturbation issues, this thing is a god send. I have been locked in mine for close to a month now - keys belong to a straight friend who has had alot of experience locking up the opposite sex and i would suggest anyone that tries chastity find someone with experience for the key holder- and i have to say it's easily the most comfortable chastity device i've ever worn, and definitely the easiest to clean. It will not completely stop an erection, as i can get about 50% hard, but what it does stop is masturbation. i have tried on a few occasions after first putting it on to achieve an ejaculation, and i couldn't get enough stimulation to even start feeling it, so i've given up on that entirely. It's also the most secure non-metal device out there as the locking mechanism is anchored in the piercing itself. As for the PA ring, i would suggest sizing up to at least a 4 gauge ring before trying to wear this. My pa was at a 0 gauge before i put this on, and it was a breeze to put in. i would highly recommend this device to anyone that wants to try chastity play, or even for those who are after long term chastity like i am (although a metal device is more secure and would score higher marks simply because of that).
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