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The Mr. Humongous Dildo
$69.99 $52.99
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The Mr. Humongous Dildo

Now with more veins! If it's a good stretching that you're after, then this The Mr. Humongous Dildo will provide plenty of stretching satisfaction. The dildo is made of a sturdy, yet flexible, phthalate-free jelly material. To keep a sense of realism, the head is replicated to look like an actual cock head. Spending your nights attempting to taking in this monster will give you the enjoyment you desire.

Mr. Humongous Dong Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: Measures approx. 10" in total length, 8.5" insertable length, 12" in head circumference and 11" in shaft circumference and 3.25" in width.
  • Material: PVC
  • This item is phthalate-free
  • For those who like to use large sex toys for a full stretch
  • Has a realistic cock head and a balls base
  • Base keeps dong sturdy so it can be on a flat surface and mounted


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    By sandra boi-cunt.
    i eagerly awaited my package and when the ups guy delivered it to my front door, i grabbed the box off the door step and knew from the huge weight of the box this was going to be one very large toy! i was shocked by the huge size of the dildo when i opened the box, there is no way i was going get this monster stuffed into my boi-cunt. fortunately, i have some 'smaller' toys to train and relax the boi-cunt with, so i slipped in a 3.5" plug which is a nice 'fullfilling' size for me and wore it for an hour or so. i was ready for my morning shower [which has a small plastic bench to sit on] lubed up 'mr. humongous' with vaseline and placed the huge head at the entrance of the sacred and glorious hole all men have. it took 5 minutes of wiggling left and right and front and back to get the 4" cock head down past the anal ring muscle and then, nirvana! god, when it slid in, i nearly passed out!!! we're talking a 'very' full feeling here, i slid half way down the 3.5" shaft and rode the dildo up and down for 30 minutes before a massive orgasm splashed cum all over my tummy! highly recomended if you like a very 'full' expansion of your boi-cunt!
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    mine measures 4" at the widest point of the cock-head and shaft tapes out at 3.5" diameter. defintely a very 'fullfilling' experience!
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    By upmine9 toyz.
    Wholly Cats Batman !!!! This thing really delivers a hole stretching session. When I opened the box it arrived in, I was shocked that it seemed bigger than advertised. I put it away thinking I'd NEVER be able to use it. Then one day I was tooooo horned up, and thought I would give it a try. After about two hours of working at it, I finally got it into my hole. It was a mind numbing feeling... all I could do was lay on the bed with this huge dildo stuffed into my butt. Nirvana !!!! This is now my favorite HUGE butt toy !!!
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    By Ass Pig.
    This fucker is sweet. Bigger around than advertised, it's a solid 4" thickness at the base of the cockhead, then 3.75" on the shaft. The pop when the big bad head pushes into my ass is fukin intense. Then ride the huge shaft down and open up the cunthole good.
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    By Ass Cunt.
    Holy Fuck! I had a black boyfriend with a horse cock who was huge. When i worked this monster cock into my asshole, i almost blacked out. Not for the beginner- be warned! This is worse than getting fisted!!!! Fun though! Your asshole will never be the same after this!!!!!
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    By Luvin Mr. Humongous.
    I luv this 1. Been riding the cyclops cock for over a year. So this looked bigger so i decided to give it a try.It went in my ass and then. WOW. It was a good pleasure.
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    By Dwg 53.
    FANTASTIC!!! especially when the head pops in. OMG,What a stretch!!! Can't wait for my next session.
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