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The Man-O-Lith Huge Dildo
$73.99 $55.99
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The Man-O-Lith Huge Dildo

One look at this Man-O-Lith Dildo and you know that you're in for an ass-stretching night. The Man-O-Lith measures 11 inches in total length, 10 inches insertable, 3.2 inches in diameter at widest point. . Weighing around 3lbs, this is plenty of PVC Jelly Rubber stimulation for your anus.

The Man-O-Lith has a realistic cock head and balls, along with veins along the shaft for a more realistic appearance.


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More about this product
material quality
build quality
firm,good flat base
not for the timmed release agent was still on item hard to get off.
OMG!! This i huge!
By Tony.
I knew it was going to be big, but wow! will take some time just to get it in. This shouldbe for advanced users. i know I want to get there, but it will take time. If you think you can just jump on this toy, think again. I can take about 8 to 9 in around, but this goes beyond that. Cant wait to some day sink it in me.
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By .
When i got this dildo to go up my ass the first time i shrieked loudly from the shooting pains all through my asshole. It took time to get used to thd width but soon i was easily pushing it up inside mx ass. I get the KY jelly out and squeeze a good amount inside my asshole before straddling the dildo and forcing mx iole down hard atop the giant dong. Working it deeper and deeper my hole wants to explode. I cum anally and when i jam this dong g foot or more up my ass the cum shoots from my cock without warning even if my dick is not hard. My anus is strdtched out and gapes so wide i can see all the way to my soul. I love to take this jumbo dong until my hole looks like a glazed donut were glued to my rectum it swells up so much. Over and over i cum just from impaling my asshole with this. A great dildo i love getting my hole torn apart with this dildo
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By FER Yache.
got this one and it just stretches my hole in such a way that has me moaning and screaming of pleasure!! Oh yeah... once u are done with this one u must get into the Cyclops and will slide down ur hole and u will see the stars!!!!
Was this review helpful to you? 4 22

By randy rand.
Another fantastic investment!!!!! As with the cyclops, when used with E-STIM on the cock, the most fantastic 'cummin' You could hope for. Intense to the MAXXXXX!!!!!!
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