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The Links Beaded Anal Plug

The Links Beaded Anal Plug
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For those that have graduated past the smaller butt plugs and want something bigger and more filling, might find the Links Anal Beads to fit their desires. One look at these beads and you can guess that you're anus is in for a good stretch, a good fill and a good time. Each of the five beads are in a smooth, cone like shape so you can tease with just one bead or become a master and bottom out on all five beads. When you're done, they can be easily removed with the O-ring handle and cleaned.

Specifications: These anal beads are made of a comfortable Sensafirm material that makes them not only easy to clean, but slippery when lubricated. Each bead is tapered for easy entry and use.

Sizes: There are two sizes available large and extra large (yes, there's no small and large -- one look at either one of these products in your hands and you'll understand why).

  • Large: Measures 12.25" in total length, 9.25" insertable. Each bead reaches 1.95" in width.

  • X-Large: Measures 15.5" in total length, 12.75" insertable. Each bead reaches 2.25" in width.


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    More about this product
    material quality
    build quality
    The way it fills
    Open wide
    By eat my ass..
    When I got it. My wife Jamed it in an out of my ass and doing so she got so hot. She started sucking my cock at the same time that I shot cum all over her face. The ribs fill so good going in an out of my ass.
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    More about this product
    material quality
    build quality
    Challenging but well worth it.
    nothing if you are up for the challenge
    Be ready for a wild time
    By Anonymous.
    Not very experienced with huge toys. However, the cones on this toy is quite a challenge. Was able to get 2 cones, and was stuffed. Want to be able to advance to 4 cones. Toy is very stiff but fun to play with.
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    By like it BIG.
    I have the XL.If you're a size queen like me this is a must have toy.It feels incrediblbe as each head pops in.I've came no hands whille putting it in and pulling it out.5star toy
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    By Boy Hole.
    This is a 5 star toy!!! I just got it this afternoon and warmed up with the Rascal Master, the started on the xl large links... I got two in right away, fucked them in and out slowly and then got the third one in... I was already stretched to the max on just three... I squirted about a cup of j-lube up my ass and then a frozen crisco ball right behind that and got back to work on the xl links.. finally the 4th popped in and I shot a load 5 foot and then just kept cumming like 7 squirts or so, then my cock just remained rock hard, 10 minutes later when I started taking it out it made me shoot again and again as each bump popped out slowly I had loads flowing... Then my ass was ready for the Black Destroyer but that is another story:) Buy It Buy It Buy It... Best bang for 25 bucks you will ever get;~}
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    By Memphis Brutha.
    I bought both the large and XL beaded anal links and I am having the best time of my life with these toys! The XL link took awhile for me to take but after a couple of sessions I've had no problem taking it! At one point I took all five beads of the XL! It took a lot of line to get this bad boy in me. I got a huge nut after that because I never been stuffed and filled like that. I've been getting fucked in the ass since 18 and never took something so big! I'm 29 now and just started really getting into anal play. Now all I need it a friend to play with me. I'm so happy I bought this toy!
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    By James Williams.
    I ordered the large. It definitely took some getting used to at first. I have never stretched open with a toy this size before. My wife out of sheer curiosity wanted to assist as she did not believe it could fit. After she lubed it up and I got into it, she got the first head in all the way. It hurt a little at first "in a good way". After about 15 mins I was up to 3 heads. She was shocked that I could take that much. That was all it took for me to spew my load. She did say it kinda turned her on doing that and I have to admit this toy packs a "good" punch if you like getting fucked. Wow great product!!!!
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    By Oh My.
    Own the smaller version. They are a challenge to get in as they take some work to get at the right angle. But when you do OMG!!! Popping these in and out REALLY can make for some seriously large loads. Highly recommend this toy if you like a challenge and love to cum!! Going home now to stuff my ass with this toy!!
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    Quite fun! But pull it out gently.
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    By Scott Wolfe.
    All I can say is holy fuck this was huge. I got the XL and have no regrets. Use lube well and you will have hours of fun. I was able to get the fourth bead in and my ass was rammed full. It felt great. Play with it slowly then a little faster then a little slower. The size is awesome and with a great firmness. Do not hesitate to by this if you want a very fulfilling feeling.
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    By anal freak.
    As soon as got home,I broke it out.THE ..XL.Covered the first bulb with burning hot astro glide and started workig it in.after 30 2nd bulb in .I knew i found a good one.My dick was throbbing and I never touched it.Its stiff yet bends nicely.I tied cord through the looped end and hold the cord in one hand so it curves up in frint of me .Then shook it ..WOW i kept that going like i was jackiing off.Dick was jumping up n down.Hour later had my first anal orgasim.Few days later got 3rd bulb in .For big fun i strap my dick as tight as can get three bulbs in..drink a 6 pack and shake that thng hrs.use another cord at the last bulb ,tie that to my leg so it stays put and take a shower.THRILL my ass while piss.Get out and lay back and while cock is still strapped down make my self cum over n over without touching my dick at all.I love staight sex .BUTT this ..i can cum in a few seconds or take 10 hrs.and cum over n over 7 or 8 times a day.Even then i dont want to pull it out.When feel i cant cum anymore .Got dick strapped so tight my balls are up inside me,ill place locg viberating bullits where nuts are .and force my self to day might be able to BOTH CUM AND PISS ALL WHILE THRILLING MY ASS.Im looking forward to that .
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    By Anal Reamer.
    Received the XL version today, its a big beast, can just about get the third cone in before it bottoms out, certainly fills you up!
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    By stedair stedair.
    I just purchased the largest of them. Holy this toy is awesome. I have only been able to get the first knot in but I'm working on the rest. My eyes almost bugged out of my head when it popped in. This will be a good toy if your playing with a bunch of guys. They can really stuff you against your will. Awesome toy.
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