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The Hogtie X
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The Hogtie X
The Hogtie X The Hogtie X The Hogtie X The Hogtie X The Hogtie X

The Hogtie X is a metallic crossbar restraint that helps you to easily put your partner into a hogtied position. The leather restraints can be simply adjusted for a firm fit and the hogtie can be placed in front of or behind the wearer.

With your partner in this position you can use an impact toy (for example) or use a masturbator on them. Imagine their look as they're enjoying all that you do to him but he's unable to fully interact with the fun because of his restrained hands and ankles.

The Hogtie-X measures 17" in length and 8" in width between each restraint. The wrist restraint measures 10.5" in length and 2.25" in width. The ankle restraint measures 12.5" in length and 2.25" in width. The restraints are made of quality leather. The restraints are secured to the bar for extra security during use. The cuffs can be locked using padlocks.


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