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The Head Honcho Masturbation Sleeve
The Head Honcho Masturbation Sleeve

Endorsed by the host of "Talk Sex", Sue Johanson, the Head Honcho is a silicone masturbation toy that stimulates the cock and keeps a comfortable grip. The Head Honcho is made of high-quality silicone and keeps a tight yet stretchy feel. The 5" silicone shaft has 3 suction cavities for greater stimulation during use.


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7 Customer reviews
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By j lw.
had less than a month and threw it away was not worth the money i do not recommend to anyone
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By M Green.
Great toy while it lasts. Great stimulation, but two limitations: 1. little too short for longer penis and 2. tends to fall apart. Would recommend, but don't be surprised when it's been used up after ten to fifteen uses or so.
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By Mr Joke.
Feels real good easy to clean but down side does not last long.
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By Benny Boo.
feels good but its a bit small and makes my head almost hurt from all the stimulation. makes for nice orgasms. I've used mine for about 4 weeks and it's almost fallen apart.
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By Hand Master.
I was hesitant to purchase anything like this but have been so pleasantly surprised by my head honcho. Each use is a new experience in pleasure. Just play and learn as you go. Every time change your method and pressure and let the spines hanging down at the end stimulate your cock head like a tongue flicking it. Awesome! And the slurping sounds add to the experience. You shouldn't be sorry you purchased.
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By Ari Adu.
I not one for buying sex toys and I have to admit I only bought this product because of the endorsement of Sue. Anyway, guys this product is great!
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By Blackbeau Two.
I bought it and used it a couple of times, but it's over rated in my opinion. Also, I have a large endowment and it really does not fit me well. I can't say I would recommend this item,
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