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The Dick Rambone Dildo

The Dick Rambone Dildo
The Dick Rambone Dildo The Dick Rambone Dildo
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See how much you can really take with the Dick Rambone Dildo!

The Dick Rambone Dildo is a solid, huge dildo that challenges you to see how much you can take in. Can you bottom out and get the satisfaction of reaching the base. There is enough length and girth that you definitely know you're taking in a large, thick cock. Additionally you can use the suction cup base to place the Rambone on a flat surface. This way you can enjoy hands-free stimulation.

The Dick Rambone Dildo Specs:

  • Size: Measures approx. 16.5" in total length, 13.5" insertable length and 7.5" in circumference
  • Material: Silagel
  • This product is anti-bacterial, non-toxic, latex-free, cadmium-free and odorless)
  • Colors: Available in either black or white
  • Has a suction cup bottom for hands-free pleasure
  • Enjoy the challenge of reaching down and bottoming onto the base


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    30 Customer reviews
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    By A Stretch.
    I bought one of these a few weeks ago now, and when I opened it I couldn't believe the size of it in my hands and thinking WOW I want to shove this in my ass so bad. The biggest I tried before was a man o war, and this make's that look like a small dildo :-). I rigged it up so I could go doggy on it and lube up and got ready. Well holy shit my ass was so willing I could feel the head if it stretching me open just thinking WOW and started to slide my ass down that monster shaft the pain and pleasure. I pushed my self on that monster cock and nearly passed out my body shaking as at least 10 inches went deep and hard in me I cum so hard. No dildo has shock me like this and don't like to use my others now as this beast of a dildo is a cum making climax shaking dildo. The more you try to shove in your ass the harder you get off. I back my ass on this bad boy as much as I can. I take it up to the balls now after really slamming it into me and fuck, I could feel the stomach bulge and that was awesome I kept grinding and cumming so hard I passed out with it still deep inside me and couldn't stop shaking when I got off it. This is a 10 out of 10 dildo and truly will blow your mind. The stretching the depth the pain and so much pleasure this dildo is amazing. If you ever wanted to ride a cock don't settle for just a normal size one as BIGGER is BETTER :-)
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    More about this product
    material quality
    build quality
    realistic feeling
    He's ready any time I am
    A little too much texture, but can be shined up with a heat gun.
    Tough Ride
    By Anonymous.
    I had one of these huge ram bones several years ago and missed that hard, shaft piercing my ass so deep. It took a few workouts with some smaller tools before I could work my way back onto this enormous rod. Man, the feeling it gives me, so full and stretched full of this humongous man tool. I can get about 11 satisfying inches in before that bulbous head gets stopped. I like to ride him doggy style with him attached to my glider rocker. Talk about some good motion. Mmmm, makes my ass pucker thinking about how good it feels when I get the big head started into my tight lipped man cunt. Then feeling him slide in with my whole love tunnel gripping firmly until he bottoms out. Getting reamed out with this giant can be irritating after several rides because he's kind of rough. The veins feel so good though. I used a heat gun to remove most of the rough surfaces while leaving those big veins intact. I can handle this monster cock for extended service after shining him up.
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    By christopher ass lover.
    Hello, this Dick Rambone is one of my best sellers dildo. I've just ride it again till balls few minutes ago, and i hope to swallow the balls too in my ass. I've got it for at least 5 years in black. Very good product a little bit rought for my guts. It's too veiny and i've passed it to thermic gun to make it glossy and smooth. I use lot of lub J Lube in my guts using an horse syringe and it goes directly to my stomach. Grest dildo. I recommend it.
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    By Elw®©d VanWinkle.
    FUCK!!! I'd gotten this bad boy over a year ago (not sure what I was thinkin' then)...and I still can't even get the head in, using plenty of lube (entire container's at a time) even poppers, to help relax...butt...I still love it just the same. I've worked two (nice sized) dildos in together to kinda' prime myself (sort of), mmm. And that was pretty fuckin' awesome too! Butt...still unable. I'll never give up though, it totally excites me to have it in my arsenal. I'll climb on it, hug it, even try suckin' it ('bout dislocated my jaw), fuckin' huge. Butt, I still love it, meantime I'll keep on pluggin', one of these days though... Heck, I've even slept with it like a teddy bear :-) Maybe I'll try again tonight (if not sooner), gettin' so fuckin' HARD, HOT and HORNY now just thinking about it... I GOTTA' GET RAMBONED...AGHHH! R A M B O N E M E 🐒
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    By for me to know ...
    Got mine bout a month ago. Haven't had much time to use it but omg it feels so good going in I don't want it to come out. Haven't got it in to the balls but I'll keep working on it.
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    By SlaveTo MyAss.
    After years of deep play with narrow toys that has helped to relax my suspensory ligament, and regular abuse with a Sean Michaels Dong with the balls trimmed off for an extra couple of inches, I thought I was ready for Rambone. Holy shit! First night I worked on it for over an hour, took a break, then went back at it. Astroglide didn't really work with the material, but had to do. I got more than half in and was shaking uncontrollably every time I pulled off of it. The veins are intense! 36 hour break - warm up with a 18" narrow silicone and old Sean, then broke out the Crisco and Rambone. Much better! Now I'm well up into the Sigmoid, babbling like an idiot with every thrust, two-thirds down on it and determined to take it to the balls.
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    By Leon The wish master.
    I love it. I have been using it for three months now. In our the most thrilling dildo I have ever used. It is a little rough because of the hard material, but who has ever liked soft. I covered mine with a large condom. That makes all the difference. So far I am equal to take 11 inches. I have never had anything that has gone so deep it felt so good. Mine is black. I guess they were right when they said "if you ever go black you'll never go back"
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    By michael victore.
    One of my favorite toys ever to play with, i fuck it at least twice a day, i love this bad boy so much, i take it to tha balls so often that i c it popping out from above my belly button, wow, incredible feeling when its deep.
    Was this review helpful to you? 4 21

    By ray lover.
    wow what a great fuck in the ass ,if you havent tried it yet you dont know what you missing fist day or so for it to reclose it and then what a pleasure it is to feel the experince when you use the toliet man so much ease when you go, i love it
    Was this review helpful to you? 2 21

    By James Fun.
    Love it, Just got it and took about 1/4 of it and hurt like hell but good at the same time.
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    By Michael Capel.
    I just tried mine out. I got about 3/4 of the way down before I just couldn't take anymore. I felt like I had an arm inside me and was actually starting to cramp. PERFECT! I will get this thing eventually!
    Was this review helpful to you? 2 21

    By Ron Skinner.
    Best anal dildo ever!when i back myself on it i feel pain&pleasure like never before.i like when my gf forces it in me to the balls while i suck another.i can easily take it all and am going to work on getting 2or 3 in me soon.
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    I Have this dildo, i bought it because i was obsessed with Huge Dicks and I wondered what a long and thick dick would feel like. It took a while....lots of breathing and relaxing but i was able to go balls deep and I Came immediately. Anytime I ride it i can only go for a few minutes before i cum hard. It's worth it, although hard to take at first, and if you don't keep at it, it is hard to take repeatedly. Good Primer if you have a BIG BF and you wanna impress him with how you can take his dick.
    Was this review helpful to you? 1 21

    By OC Jock.
    PERFECT for a BIG ride... Just got mine and took it well over halfway to the bottom. Perfect challenge! :)
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    By Tom Johns.
    Im from Poland and i loved this toy. After 2 years of practice it take it all and ANTENTION with balls and suction cup. I have 2 pcs. In one i trimmed the balls to make deeper penetration. Today i finnaly got the all unmodified version. I have also The Hand from DJ and also take this puppy ale the way. The feeling when I stick this toys is AMAZING and AWESOME. Now i'm looking for something bigger (thicker) and longer. What should i buy? Thanks for help

    [ Editor's Note: The Black Destroyer (AC222) would be the next small step up. The Titan (GD103) or the Annihilator XXXL (AD204) would be much more ambitious jumps. ]
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    By Gene Smith.
    Update I was only able to take 10 inches at first. Now with practice I am able to take it all the way to the balls. I put a vibrator on the end of the suction cup and it vibrates the whole dildo. I makes me almost pass out with pleasure. Not for the weak at heart.
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    By Fun 95540.
    Just got Rambone today and have to tell you it going tobe hard work but I think I found my new buddy. Got the head in and about 4" wow update again later.
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    By Joanie bottom.
    I have had this Rambone for a month now and I can get more than half way with it....... but I have a question. what kind of lubes do you have to use for this monster??? I have tried them all and even a condom..... this thing is making my ass sore??? ( Editor: Silicone would probably be best. Also, always clean it well before using it. There isn't a lube that shrinks it down and makes it more manageable though. )
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    By Dave Smith.
    Wow it is big and long I got 10 inches so far, working on getting it to the balls. The suction cup works very well it stay on the wall while I am riding it. This is not for the faint of heart. the 10 inches is fun to ride cann't wait until I am riding the hole thing
    Was this review helpful to you? 0 21

    By joe user.
    I purchased rambone 2 weeks ago and can not put it away.I am at about 11 inches so far.can hardly wait until it pops all the way to the balls.that will be pure heaven
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    By Pete KD.
    This one is my favourite rubber cock here! Soooo long and fat, it filled my arse in ways it hasn't for ages! It remains my bed-time favourite and gets well used every day - great 'real-feel' and can take a good pounding.
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    By Harry Stippe.
    Just received my dildo today. I was surprised at the size. Haven`t been able to bottom out yet. Had to try it out when it arrived. Headed for the shower and set on it as soon as I could. Been a long time since I have taken a dick that size. Had a friend come and shove it in until I could not take anymore.
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    By CTbottom Anon.
    Got this a few years ago, can almost bottom out, about 3" from hitting the balls, years of enjoyment highly recommended for lovers of deep deep action
    Was this review helpful to you? 1 22

    By . blobiguy.
    I have had this puppy for over a year now and I still love it!!!! My girl even uses it as a strap-on!!!! But best I've been able to take it is about 3/4 of the way down but I'm never giving up lol
    Was this review helpful to you? 1 22

    By Brian Pye.
    Had mine for awhile now, nearly died when I saw the box it arrived in :) I can take it to the balls now but u have to take ur time and get the angle right, lots of lube required, usually wetstuff. It keeps ur back straight :)
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    By Gene Smith.
    Got mine yesterday. Tried it out last night and it was great. Took about 10 inches and screwed myself for about 3 hours. Tonite I am going to try and take it all. It is huge.
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    By d bag.
    I don't have the head in yet. This is for the pro's. The product, itself, is of a good quality. I think its a bit to ridged for anal, though.
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    By bibottoboy92 aka little slut.
    This is a fantastic dildo! Its massive, i was concerned the suction cup was gonna be to weak, but it works great. Awesome for those extra long showers. Amazing to use on cam when your alone and looking for some fun! Not for the inexperienced, and will rock your world!
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    By christopher ass lover.
    Je possède ce gode depuis 4 ans. En noir ! Il me possède aussi le plus souvent et c'est mon préféré. Un peu trop nervuré à mon goût, mais je ne m'en lasse pas. Depuis longtemps, il a trouvé sa voie et l'a aménagée à sa morphologie. Je le prends directement jusqu'aux testicules et ils devraient passer aussi un jour. Je sens bien sa tête fine et forante faire la place au premier tiers volumineux.Il tient bien sur un socle pour s'empaler, ao sous la douche . Un régal. Je cherche le même en plus lisse, plus long encore et légèrement plus gros. Je recommande et le remplacerai par le même si un jour il faiblit. NB j'adore le sentir frapper mon estomac....
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    By sizequeen uk.
    Had got through two of these in one year i broke the 1st one, second has been ok so far Yes its long enough bit no where near fat enough needs to be at least twice as fat, still a very good toy though
    Was this review helpful to you? 1 28