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The Cyclops Cock
$69.99 $52.99
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The Cyclops Cock

Enjoy giving your ass a good filling stretch with this huge dildo. As you place it on the floor (using the balls base), you can lower yourself onto it. You can let that realistic cock head penetrate you as you sink yourself towards the bottom. Men, who want their toys big, would find this Cyclops dildo a satisfactory item. <

Specifications: The Cyclops is made of PVC jelly rubber and has a detailed design to resemble a huge cock. The Cyclops measures 10 inches in total length, 8.75 inches insertable, 3.5 inches in diameter


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build quality
realistic feeling
Two and two
By Anonymous.
I have two and enter together, my dilation is fantastic come and go without lubricant. Now I am expecting one of six inches and 20 inches long.
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By Cyclops User.
This is an enormous and heavy item. It stretched me out more than I've ever had a dildo stretch me. The head of the dildo is just rigid enough to make me wince as it passes the ring of my sphincter but once its in, you can lower yourself onto it and feel your ass expand around it. It's a wonderful product--but beware. As an experienced dildo user, I could barely take it and I definitely need to work up to it. This one only comes out on special occasions--but when it does, my dick twitches until I come almost immediately. It's amazing.
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By anal fun time.
I just got this massive cock and it was a real stretch. I'm experienced with big toys but this one takes the cake. Be prepared to fully be satisfied like never before. I was dripping cum after just a short time - I can't wait to fill myself again
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By Anal stuffer Lover -forreal.
At first i thought this will never go in?? Then i slipped it in drunk one night and now my bum can take it when I really try. I'm getting more use to it and I just had my first orgasm while it was still up me. Take your time and it will happen
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By Small Boy.
This beast of a cock took me 3 months to get in and only then I was drinking.Now i have trained myself with it but its still a challenge. The feel when it pops in is unbelievable. If your ready and I mean really ready -give it a shot. By the way- it has a suction base
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By guess again.
this is one of the best stretchers I've gotten up 'it', all but about an inch. LLLOOOOOVVVVEEEE IIIITTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!! PHOT PHOT PPPHHHHHIIIITTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!
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By randy rand.
FINALLYYYY!!!!! Got the whole thing in my chute!!!!!!!! What a full feeling!! The best part though when you pull it all the way out, and push it back in. Even better, when you use it with ESTIM on the cock as well. A fantastic investment!!!!!
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By donna karmer.
hey this one great love the the hole it makes. it only took me 3 hrs to take it. now looking for long and wider one
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