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The CockCuff Chastity Cage
$168.00 $99.95
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The CockCuff Chastity Cage
The CockCuff Chastity Cage The CockCuff Chastity Cage

100% Steel Male Chastity Encasement

Handcuff your slaves desires with the CockCuff Chastity Cage. This device is made from a stainless steel handcuff and has a steel tube welded to the front to make sure all pleasure is under your lock and key! The opened end allows for use 24-7. The CockCuff does not come with additional rings and chain as pictured above. Now improved: The device comes with an L-shaped bar extending from the penis lock to halfway over the cage. It's used to balance and sturdy the product.

Measurements: Inside diameter of the tube is 1 3/8 inches, tube length is 3.5 inches.


Staff Feedback by Pete:

I like the fact that when I wear the CockCuff I know I'm totally encased in all steel. My Master uses it on me as punishment and it can be uncomfortable at times. I personally would rather have my Master put me in my CB-3000 because they are easier to wear long term and are more adjustable. Yet, the psychological affect the CockCuff has on me is more intense.

Picture provided by William,


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