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The Chrome Crescent Dildo
$95.00 $69.00
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The Chrome Crescent Dildo
The Chrome Crescent Dildo The Chrome Crescent Dildo

The Chrome Crescent Dildo offers deep probing anal penetration.

Angled for direct prostate stimulation, The Chrome Crescent Dildo dildo inserts smoothly into the anus. Thanks to the curved body men can use it to directly massage the P-spot. Stroking this area can heighten male sexual pleasure and result in more intense orgasms. Men can choose between inserting the small-ball end first or the large-ball end. Either way having that ball directly work on their prostate can mean enhanced pleasures.

The Chrome Crescent Dildo Specs:

  • Size: 10" total length
  • Size: Small Ball End (1" in diameter)
  • Size: Large Ball End (1.5" in diameter)
  • Material: Chrome plated metal
  • Weight: 1 lb 4 oz.
  • This item has a non-porous, smooth surface for easy use
  • Ideal for direct, prostate (p-spot) stimulation for men

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    By R seahorse779.
    Wow, what an unbelievable organism. It's a little expensive. However, this is a quality toy which will last a lifetime. Easy to clean. I was topping my BF dogie and he was able to reach from underneath me and massage my prostate with " The Curvy Steel Dildo". Mind blowing orgasm. The heavy weight of this toy clearly separates it from the cheep plastic models. It handle is long so you can also easily self pleasure your self.
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