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The Bathmate Hydro Pump
The Bathmate Hydro Pump
The Bathmate Hydro Pump The Bathmate Hydro Pump
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Using the gentle sensation of water, the Bathmate is a penis enlargement pump that men can use in the bath or the shower with ease. Giving just 15-20 minutes of time daily can result in a larger, thicker penis which could equal more enjoyable penetration and sexual experiences for both partners.


  • Soak into a warm bath for a few minutes.
  • Insert the Bathmate into the water and push it towards your cock until you've created a vacuum suction. Press onto the Bathmate a few times until you can feel the complete suction.
  • Sit and relax and let the Bathmate use the water to help your cock increase size. Gently push on the Bathmate at an interval until suction is no longer possible.
  • When done, press the release at the top of the Bathmate and slide off.

    Features and Benefits:

  • Gain between 1 and 3 inches in length
  • Boost your sexual confidence and enjoy better penetration
  • Intensify your orgasms
  • Safe, effective method using simple warm bath water
  • Approximately 10 inches in inside length and opening of 2.125 inches


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    By Pete LaCivita.
    Agree with all the naysayers. It is difficult to use and hurts. I sent mine back with a note to the company to find some new engineers/designers
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    By p bv.
    It does pull pubes a bit and it is way over priced no lasting effects, not good for guys who have thick shaft like me.
    Was this review helpful to you? 4 22

    By Steven n0-name.
    The concept is great, the product is not! I read the instructions a number of times-there is not that much to read. If you do not want to shave you pubic hairs and do not want sore skin stretch rings from your shaft skin getting caught in the bottom rubber suction device-then do not get this. ALSO-it's not a "gentle" pushing towards the shaft to create suction either, my pubic mound became rather sore as well! Too bad-would be better if it were like a regular pump that could use water-I'd pay more for that! right now, my lover said I look like I screwed a sharp tin can!
    Was this review helpful to you? 4 23

    By mtn bi guy.
    Have been using for a yr now. My flacid penis is thick and about 1/2 inch longer. My erections are firmer, thicker and almost an inch longer. I found it to be very helpful for penis enhancement. 40 bi guy here, both partners have noticed a difference.
    Was this review helpful to you? 4 24