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The Ball Press Chamber

The Ball Press Chamber
The Ball Press Chamber The Ball Press Chamber The Ball Press Chamber The Ball Press Chamber

The Ball Press Chamber is CBT and ball crushing to the extreme!

The Ball Press Chamber weighs almost four pounds. It can simultaneously tug on your balls while it unrelentingly crushes them. If you're into control, it has the added benefit of needing a hex key to put on and remove. In fact first you need to fasten the ball ring around your scrotum, and then you need to attach that ring to the chamber. Once on, it's incredibly secure.

Once on, you can tighten the chamber for the exact amount of excruciating ball crushing that you can handle. Combine that with the incredible weight that it's putting on your sack, and you've got the ultimate in CBT and stretching.

Ball Press Chamber Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: 5 inch overall length, 3 inch external diameter, Ball Ring has 1.375 inch inner diameter, 0.56 inch thickness, Press Chamber has 1.75 inch max internal depth, 2.25 inch inner diameter
  • Material: Steel
  • Apply pressure to your partner's testicles for stimulating CBT play
  • Keep their testicles secured in the device using an included hex key
  • Note: Use of this item can result in serious injury. This item is recommend for consenting adults experienced with CBT play.
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