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The Anal Destructor Butt Plug

The Anal Destructor Butt Plug
The Anal Destructor Butt Plug The Anal Destructor Butt Plug
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Blast your ass open with the Anal Destructor!

The Anal Destructor will destroy your ass hole and remake it as a gigantic fuck receptacle. The large clocks in at over four and half inches wide and will go seven inches deep. It's got enough of a neck that you can clamp down and carry this hefty plug around with you. For those accomplished enough to take on the Destructor, it will be an unforgettable experience.

The Anal Destructor is made of out premium vinyl dipped jelly. It features a soft jelly core under a thick outer layer of dense smooth PVC. This combination gives this toy the pleasurable give of jelly with less floppiness, no stickiness, greater durability, and an easier clean-up. It's compatible with all water and silicone based lubes.

Anal Destructor Butt Plug Specs and Benefits:

  • Size (Small): 7 inch overall length, 5.5 insertable length, 3.5 inch max insertable diameter
  • Size (Large): 9 inch overall length, 7 insertable length, 4.55 inch max insertable diameter
  • Material: Premium PVC Dipped Jelly Rubber
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    Soft yet firm. And seems to stay where you put it.
    By Anonymous.
    Got the small one a couple of weeks ago it is a bit bigger then I thought. At the moment I'm unable to get the whole thing in, took all but about the last 1/2 inch or so, with some time and lots of lube I'm sure I'll finally get there. For what I did get in it definitely filled me up and made me wanting more. I felt completely stretched out and gaping for a few days afterwards. I can't wait until I have the time to start playing with this again. I can only imagine the way I'll fill when it finally pops all the way in. Makes me start to shake with excitement.
    Was this review helpful to you? 18 21

    By Joe E..
    Also got the small one and it really is bigger in person. Still working on taking it all. Still have an inch in the length until it's fully in. A very awesome plug for stretching open.
    Was this review helpful to you? 7 21

    By Mark Guy.
    Absolutely huge and fun. Got the smaller one and still can't get it all in. Much bigger in person than expected but I'll keep trying!
    Was this review helpful to you? 10 24

    By dmenenjoyit always.
    I just got this in the mail and could not wait to play with it. It is huge. Cant take the whole thing yet, but I am tying. It stretches you nice and wide. Need lots of lube. A must have.
    Was this review helpful to you? 8 23