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Tenga Flex

Tenga Flex
Tenga Flex Tenga Flex Tenga Flex Tenga Flex Tenga Flex Tenga Flex Tenga Flex
Available Options:
65ml Tenga Egg Lotion Add 65ml Tenga Egg Lotion $7.50

Tenga Hole Lotion Solid Add Tenga Hole Lotion Solid $17.00

Milk your cock like never before!

Lose yourself in flexible spiraling sensations! Find release with the TENGA FLEX. Our latest malleable material has allowed us to create a brand new sensation! The FLEX’s spiral-ribbed casing has created spinning stimulation. Cover the air hole at the top of the item during use, and the FLEX will wind and unwind, creating a spiraling movement! Additionally, the malleable casing allows you to squeeze, twist and grip the item to directly change the stimulation to suit your desire! Silky white features softer internal details with gentle spiraling ribs that embrace with delightful suction.

Tenga Flex White specifications:

  • Measurements: 7.5 inches in length, 3 inches in width.
  • Material: Elastomer, PP.
  • Note: Includes a lubricant sample.


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